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Chenille - Lessons Learned

Having never worked with chenille before, I was unprepared for the dichotomy of emotions and experiences involved in this scarf project.  As I hinted at in my last blog, winding the warp and chaining, usually the most mindless and least taxing of the whole procedure, was not easy.   The yarns caught frequently while I was using the warping board.  Once the bouts were tied on securely, I was surprised to find during chaining that the yarns were not even in length, a mystery that still bugs me.  The only thing I can think of, is that as I chain I stand at an angle to the board, so the inside yarns have more distance to my hands than the outside yarns, but I do the same for all yarns, so it really doesn't make sense to me.  If anyone out there has any other good ideas, please let me know.

As I put the warp on the loom, these differences in length became more and more troublesome.  I have learned NOT to comb through the warp with my hands, trying to even out the tension, as it leads t…

Comfort Zone

After I finished weaving up four more log cabin towels:
I decided to bite the bullet and start a scarf project with some chenille I've had for a bit of time.  Remember this?

I wanted to weave some scarves, using the colors in such a way that they gradually changed from color to another.  I tried to use the Fibonacchi series of numbers, but I couldn't make the numbers work out to give me the look I wanted and still have a scarf of proper proportions, so I made something up.  Yup. I, the person with the ever so slight Type A characteristics (ask anyone who knows me), winged it.

Winding the warp entailed alot of cutting and knotting, to avoid tangles.  If anyone out there has any idea how to wind alternating warp colors without tangling, I'm all ears.  Chenille is very soft, somewhat fuzzy, almost ribbon-like, but also unevenly so.  It takes up alot of space on the warping board, so I had to wind it in three installments.  Here's a photo of the last:
It's hard to see the…