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Just a quick post to show the end result of my weaving and spinning efforts last week.

 The tencel scarves came out quite nice, I think.  The both feel a bit more dense than my other similar scarves, but are still silky to the touch.  The first is hemmed without fringe, and the curves remind me of line drawings of classic wooden boat plans that my husband has used when building wooden boats.
The second scarf was woven on the same warp, using the same threadings.  I merely changed the treadling from 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 to 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  Practically brainless, yet it produced a scarf with wavy lines surrounding intricate diamond shapes.  And I did include twisted fringe, despite my lack of enthusiasm for it.  I tried to make them a bit bigger, thus reducing the time it takes to create them, but it still took me the better part of a day to finish both ends.
I loved how the simple choice of royal blue and white contrasted so dramatically in both scarves.

In my spinning last wee…


Opened a seconds shop section, that is.  It gives me a place to list items that are not up to my standards, due to human error (who, me??), but are perfectly fine for use.  In fact, the errors are usually quite small and, some tell me, pretty unnoticeable.  So far there are only 2 items in there, but if you're looking for a bargain, take a look!  Everything in there is 20% off.

I've also been working on a couple of scarves this week.  I was getting really tired of towels, so I warped the loom with a beautiful royal blue tencel, and am weaving two undulating twill scarves.  Though similar, they are quite different from each other, just by changing the treadling.

The first one:
And the second, which I just started yesterday.  Probably won't get to it today...
This one will have the dreaded twisted fringe.  So, which do you like better?

Also, I've found a bit of time to do some spinning.  The fiber was purchased …

"Factory seconds", anyone?

My latest project, handwoven towels in a summer and winter pattern (more on that later), has made me realize that I need to make a section of my Etsy shop a "factory" seconds area, where people can buy things I've made that are structurally fine but have a design mistake.  I can't seem to make a run of anything without at least one item having  a glaring error. 

For instance, this latest project, was supposed to be 4 towels, 2 blue and white and 2 green and white.  They are woven in a very fine cotton that would make great guest towels or wedding gifts.  The pattern, summer and winter, just means that every shot,or pass, of the shuttle has to alternate with a "ground" yarn in the pattern section.  So, if the body of the towel is white cotton, and the pattern area is blue, while making the pattern you throw a blue shot, then a white cotton shot in a plain weave treadling, then another blue in another blue pattern treadling, then a white...  Hard to describe …