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This and That

There's been an awful lot of crafting going on here, yet not alot to show for it - yet!  I've been weaving off some holiday tea towels, and as is the norm lately, they didn't turn out at all as I envisioned them.  They were meant to be more log cabin towels, but I, in a moment of brain coma, decided to thread them differently, still thinking that they would weave up in the correct pattern. I believe this is called "magical thinking," in developmental jargon, and it is common amongst small children.  What does that say about me, I wonder...

After my disbelief that the project was not going to end up as I'd hoped, I made peace with it, and actually like the new design.  One towel was used as a sampler, then the next 5 were woven in one design.  I have only a few photos of them while they were still on the loom - the rest will be in the next post.

This photo is after I had finished dressing the loom:
And these are after the weaving had begun:
As you can see, th…

Something Blue, and Green, and Yellow, and...

Just a quick update today.  I found that, despite feeling like I've woven an awful lot of towels recently, my shop seems rather empty of them, as did my consignment shops.  So, I got rather busy during this, my week of vacation, trying to weave up somthing to display, sell, and share.  But when you are supplying shops as well as your own, weaving several towels doesn't get you very far.

A few weeks ago I wove 6 towels, 3 blue and 3 green, all on a white background.  I now have 2, 1 blue and 1 green, and the green one is the "runt" of the litter - I ran out of warp on my loom, so my last towel is a bit short.  I always keep the less than optimal ones for my shop.

Then, this week, I wove off 4 beautiful towels in autumn colors, and had the same thing happen again!  I followed the pattern, added the recommended amount of warp for the 2 extra towels (the original pattern made 2 towels), and even after leaving out a few repeats, I still ran very short for the 4th towel.  …