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Done, and done!

Last time I said I'd be sure to show you pictures of the fringe twisting project.  I anticipated the job would take a lot longer than it actually did.  I worked on it last weekend, and got one edge done on Saturday, and the other on Sunday before I went to work.  Not bad, considering the last time I twisted fringe it was for a much narrower scarf, and had to sit almost all day to get one side done.  I guess the weaving gods were looking upon me kindly last weekend!

This photo shows the set up before twisting.  I've carefully (and very frequently, as you can see from the photo) placed pins along a straight line, ensuring the the edge of the cloth is straight.  This way, when I place the pins in the knots at the base of the fringe, all of them will be knotted at the same length.

This photo shows the beginning of the fringe twisting.  I pick out three sets of three threads and place them it the twister clips, trying to clip them at even lengths.  What you can't see is the sec…


I've been trying to squeeze in weaving whenever possible, but life sure does get in the way sometimes!  Busy at work means brain dead at home, unfortunately.  Despite that and an added mandatory training this week, I've just managed to finish the weaving portion of my snowflake shawl.

Here is a photo of it near the beginning, after a pattern or two:

I had planned on sampling at the beginning, using both the deeply purple "Eggplant" color as warp and weft, and then trying the red-purple as weft to see which I preferred.  Unfortunately, after winding the warp with the Eggplant, it looked as if I wouldn't have enough of that yarn left to use as weft, so red-purple it is!  I really like how it turned out.  The pattern is clearly visible, even if the actual cloth is a bit less bright and pinkish in person than it is in the above photo.

I just finished the last of the weaving before lunch, and managed to get the hemstitching done as well.

This is a process that I do n…

A Conundrum - or Two

I've been wanting to weave an 8 shaft snowflake shawl since well before I got my new-to-me Baby Wolf loom last September.  I've admired other, more talented weavers' works for several years, especially Susan, a weaver from Vancouver, whose blog Thrums ( is chock full of advice, technique, and photos, photos, photos.  She sent me the draft for this shawl soon after I acquired the loom, but other projects, and not an insignificant bit of fear, led me to put the project on the back burner.

Having just finished a warp of towels and scarves for a spring craft fair and for consignment, I find that I now have the time to devote to weaving the shawl.  This has created a couple of conundrums, however.

The first is all about color.  I always envisioned this pattern woven in a deep, rich eggplant purple tencel, and so bought a cone many months ago.  I placed it on the shelf, and admired it periodically as I grabbed for more cotton, or for other tencel…

Do I really have anything to say?

I never imagined I would be putting myself in this position, to share my thoughts, adventures, and misadventures in my fiber arts journey.  It will take me awhile to learn the ins and outs of blogging, so things may be a bit slow at first, and not very polished.  But I’ll try to share as I learn to increase the complexity of my weaving, branching out into different patterns and fibers, along with the other challenges in my life. I do work 12 hr overnight shifts as a maternity nurse, so you should prepare yourselves for some rambling and/or disconnected thoughts!

Just attending the craft fair is an ordeal for me.  I am extremely shy in nature, and feel viscerally ill at the thought of putting myself in the position of speaking with folks, never mind trying to sell something.  (Aren’t you glad you’re out of the line of fire??).  Somehow, after much moaning and qvetching, I stand, smile, and find myself having wonderful conversations with total strangers, about my weaving and…