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A Major Project Finished!

There hasn't been any time for me to update you on my weaving and other projects, because I've been going all out trying to finish up a sweater that my younger son asked for in August.  Now, I haven't done much complicated knitting lately - mostly hats and mittens for craft fairs.  He chose a sweater in an all-over cable pattern that made me a bit nervous about how long it would take to complete.  I purchased the yarn at, and chose Wool of the Andes in a worsted prep.  I was a worried that the yarn might be scratchy, because the price was very reasonable, but it is a nice soft wool that can go against your skin.  He chose the "Mink" colorway - expensive taste!

Turns out I was justified in worrying about the knitting.  I had all but finished the first sleeve, and had thought it seemed a bit stiff as I knit it, but it stretched just fine, so happily kept knitting.  It wasn't until I stopped knitting in the round that it hit me that I was using…