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Ravelry is Just the Best!

Remember the handspun yarn I showed in last week's blog?  Well, it has since been knit up into not one, but two sets of fingerless mitts.  Nothing fancy, just a nice, plain, warm mitt.  Well, not entirely plain, since they were knit up with that very colorful yarn.

To recap, the yarn:
 And now the mitts!
You can see the color progression if you look at the order in which the mitts were knit.  The first set
was knit starting with the bright blue in the cuff on the right, which was the first color in the fiber that was spun.  The upper ribbing and thumb on that mitt was knit in the yarn that was then used immediately on the cuff of the left-hand mitt.  Then the second set, which was knit in a slightly larger size:
was started with the mitt on the right.  You can see that the cuff matches the yarn at the top of the left mitt in the previous set. Then the top of that mitt led to the cuff of the other.  It's nothing earth-shattering, but kind of interesting to see the color's p…

Every Girl Wants Diamonds!

No, not THOSE kind of diamonds!  The diamonds that are present in the middle section of my latest handwoven!

A coworker had admired my irridesent tencel scarves in the past, and had requested I weave her a table runner with the same design.  Other projects took precedence (weaving for craft fairs and the holidays), but all the while her design was ruminating around in my head.  Her color choice was tan and orange, and the material was to be cotton.

I think that I was unsure about how those colors would work together - in my mind it as not a pretty picture (orange is definitely not on my favorites' list).  However,
that goes to show you that the interweaving of color and texture can transform yarn into something unpredictable and lovely.  The close-up:
The other side is tan-dominant, which makes it somewhat reversible.  She seemed quite pleased with it, and let me know after she took it home that she just loved it on her table.  It's always gratifying to know that your work is …

Test Post

Recently Facebook made some internal changes that makes it impossible to post a blog from / to your wall.  There's been a big brouhaha (gotta love that word) over it with no apparent answer in sight.  Perhaps the delay is because this came to light during the holidays, but it seems over in the help forums that people are expected to do some coding in order to "share" on FB again.

So this is just a test to see if my old "share" button is still not working.  If it works, sorry for the post.  If not, no one will probably see this anyway!