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I'm Dy(e)ing!!

No, not that kind - the FUN kind!  Yes, that's right, I've picked up yet another fiber hobby.  Actually, I'm not sure it will become a habit, only because I seem to have run out of hours in the day, but I decided to try dyeing some yarn.  I knew that I'd have to buy new equipment to use regular acid dyes, so for this little experiment I used sugar free Kool-aid.

Here you can see I've assembled everything I needed: I covered the counter with a large plastic bag, and I have four packets each of purple (grape), blue (berry blue, I think), and green (lemon-lime).  I also have measuring cups to hold the dye, a bowl to soak the yarn, the yarn itself (which is an undyed wool/nylon blend meant as a sock yarn), gloves, and a towel.

I soaked the yarn in some warm water

and mixed 4 packets of each color in about a cup of water.  I could have used more water, but one of my measuring cups would only hold that much.  I have to say, the sickly sweet smell was pretty strong!

I car…

Weaving Again - Almost (and a question)

That is to say, I think I'm starting to get the "weaving bug" again!  I was getting a bit worried, since there was not an inkling of interest anywhere on the horizon.  I began to think that maybe weaving would fall by the wayside, with just the occasional piece done here or there as the need or occasion arose.  I believe all the ruckus going on around me led to the lull - the construction, the impending (and now in process) move of my second son for his first "real" job, tumultuous times at work, some turmoil with my own "birth" family.  Weaving should have been something I turned to during times like these; the throwing of the shuttle back and forth usually becomes quite meditative.  Instead I took to knitting, the craft with which I have the most experience, and knit the lace shawl that I showed you last time. (Still no photo of it on me - things have been a bit, um, unsettled here).

Last week, I got an email from the director of Maine Fiberarts in …