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Who'd've Thunk It??

Did you know that you can weave with....PAINT STIRRERS???  I admit, I have never given it a thought, but there I was one day, weaving my tencel scarves, when I realized that I wouldn't have enough warp to complete the last one.  (And I'll admit it right here - I have a terrible problem with estimating the correct warp length - I'm always off one way or the other).  At first, I used my hands to try to widen the shed by lifting the harnesses the additional bit that was needed so my shuttle could get through, but after cutting my hand on a heddle or two, I had to get creative.  I mean, who wants blood on their handwovens???

I cast about for an idea, and then saw them; wooden paint stirrers!  You know, the ones they give out for free when you buy paint!  I've been experimenting with paint in the spare bedroom, er, studio, (which you can just make out in the background) and I had several stirrers at hand.  At first, I used only one to help hold the harnesses up where they b…

Slowly But Surely, and a New Adventure

So, first the adventure.  I've finally started to knit my toe up socks from my spindle spun, chain plied yarn!  (I know, not much of an adventure, but I take what I can get).  You remember this fiber from a few months back:
And the final skeins:
I've just started a pair of toe up socks using "David's Toe Up Sock Recipe" pattern, free on Ravelry.  I had a few issues, because I've knit  ALOT of cuff down socks, and my brain kept thinking that his instructions must be wrong, so I'd try to modify on the fly.  Big mistake.  Trust the pattern, and it all comes out well.  So here's the first progress shot:
The best thing is, you can try it on as you knit it, so the custom fitting works well. The worst part - you have to swatch, every knitters nightmare.  But the extra effort is worth it.  Now that September is upon us, I'm yearning for socks and turtlenecks!

On the weaving front, I've completed weaving the first two Drall scarves, and have just star…