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Holiday Wishes

Just a quick but heartfelt note to all my (fibery) friends near and far, for a most joyful and peaceful holiday season, however you celebrate.  With all the awful things that seem to happen with horrifying frequency in our world, take a moment to remember and celebrate with the people who center you, love you, and make you smile. Reach out to those in need of comfort, and by all means, revel in the wonder of friendship (and fiber!).  What a wonderful thing it is, that we can all connect and enjoy each other no matter how far apart we may live.


Loom Room Post-Painting

We finally have a sunny day here, so I ran upstairs and took some photos of the loom room.  It feels much brighter than before, which was the goal.

Here's a photo looking towards the only sheetrock wall, which is also the only full length vertical wall.  My loom lives there, as well as a bookcase for additional storage.

That's a very pale lavender on the wall behind the loom, and a darker, bluish-purple on the knee wall.

Here you are looking toward the wall with the solitary window (sorry for the glare!!). This corner is my photography space, where I hang up a white sheet as a background for the photos.  You can just make out my light stands and a dressmaker's model in the corner.  And that small pile of newspapers is for the final bit of painting still to be done - the interior side of the entry door.

This is looking toward the opposite corner, where I wind my warps and store most of my yarns.  The plastic bins hold my handwovens, plus one has my unspun fiber stash.  A…

A New Challenge?

I'll be starting a new project on the loom soon, since I have FINALLY finished painting my loom room (studio still sounds kind of wrong to me).  Well, perhaps not entirely finished...  All that is left is the inside surface of the entry door, but it really is a "troll" door - narrow and very crooked.  It is already "white," but aged and in need of a re-coat.  It won't take long, and I will get to it shortly.  The rest of the room came out rather nicely, and I will gladly show you, if and when the sun ever makes an appearance.

Here's the draw down of my next project, simplified:

The actual weaving will be differing repeats of different sections.  For the uninitiated, the "box" at the upper right represents how you tie up the treadles. This tells the loom which shafts lift up when you step on each treadle. The row at the top represents how you thread the loom.  The shafts go from the bottom of that piece to the top, so shaft 1 through 8.  AND on…

A Photo for Another Karen

Not my usual blog post, here.

A very kind person commented on one of my scarves in my Etsy shop, requesting another view, so I'm posting the photo here for her to see.  Everyone is welcome to look, of course!

This is the only photo I have of the hem of my Iris Tabby scarf.  I hope you can make it out alright.

I'm glad my photography skills have improved with time!