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Wedding Weaving

I'm finally buckling down and starting to weave the table linens for my son's wedding in September.  I really had to force myself to do this, not because I don't want to make them, but because I seem to have serious weaving burnout since all the holiday weaving.  That, and these will be woven as plaid, and that means lots and lots of color changes, which really slows down the process.  However, I do really like the way the cloth is turning out.  I just finished the first placemat this morning, and so have 9 more to go, plus the table runner for the cake table.  The bride picked out the colors, and I think she did a wonderful job.  They reflect apple colors, plus the dark red/maroon will hopefully be close to what is being piped onto the cake.  I know that September will be here before I know it, and I want to make sure these are all set well ahead of time.

Here you can see the three warp chains, all measured and tied, ready to be put on the loom.  They are 12 yards long ea…

Added to the Toolbox!

Here are some photos of the completed pinwheel tencel scarf.  My apologies for the horrible pics - I just cannot seem to take good pictures of anything red, especially a deeper red.
And a "close up" of the pinwheels:

They aren't shaped like the foil/paper pinwheels of our youth.  They are more like sawblades.  Being woven from tencel, I was anticipating that the scarf would come out of the wet finishing terribly creased, needing the typical hard press to straighten, followed by a drying spell on the rack that I have.  This came out a bit differently, a slightly thicker material with almost no creases after washing, although it is still drapey.  I really do like the hand of this fabric.
Lately I've been on a spinning kick, as you've no doubt realized.  I'm spinning some lovely fiber on my wheel (which I'll save for another post), but I'm also spinning on my spindle.  I'm trying a new-to-me technique, called plying on the fly.  Essentially it is spi…