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Laid (somewhat) Low

Just a short note this time.  I've been under quite a time constraint, trying to weave up a few different items for my first jury experience on March 3, which, gulp, is coming right up.  I cannot possibly convey how anxious that second sentence makes me feel!

I haven't been having as much weaving time as I had hoped, because various life issues keep popping up.  Nothing too earth-shattering, but enough to eat up huge swaths of time.  We're hunkering down for our 3 major winter storm in 2 weeks, so the clean up has been anything but fun.  Dear hubby came down with influenza at the end of the first storm, a true blizzard, so he was really down and out for over a week.  Feeling much better now, though he still has a cough.

Work went from zero moms and babies to 14 couplets in about 3 days, and stayed that busy for over a week.  Every time we were going to discharge someone, we already had another one or two mommies-to-be in labor.  We ran out of cribs, and many other things a…