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Not Much Progress...

to report, I'm afraid.  Still trying to get the Falling Leaves scarves woven up.  I've been busy/distracted by several commitments related to work, community band, and yes, housekeeping.  I just finished weaving the first one yesterday, and was amazed at the increased amount of weft needed just for one scarf.  Usually I get away with 2-2.5 pirns per scarf when weaving with 8/2 tencel.  This time I'm using the same material, but the sett is closer, so the increased over/under is really eating up the weft.  I used 3.5 for the first scarf alone.  Lots and lots of pirn winding in my future, unfortunately.

Per a reader's request, here is a photo of the draft for Falling Leaves.  I did not create it - it was kindly shared by a weaver on Ravelry who's ravatar is "tonigatland" (

Believe it or not, I've been on vacation for the last week and a half, yet still been too busy to even come close to accomplishing what I…

Playing with Sticks

As most of you have surmised, I'm not one who loves to work with fringe.  More often than not, I hem my scarves, rather than hand-twist them.  When I decided to weave up some variegated scarves to finish the consignment order, I decided to let them have fringe, since the weave structure was so simple (tabby).  So I measured warp for 3 scarves, including enough for fringe.

As I was weaving the first scarf, I remembered a post that I had read recently from Laura Fry ( about using sticks to help keep even tension when allowing for fringe.  I realized it could become an issue for me, since 2 scarves would equal ~16 inches of unwoven warp to wind on the cloth beam.  Laura had pointed out that the sticks were necessary to keep the unwoven warp from "falling off" the roll of cloth on either end, thus wrecking the tension.  Did I have any sticks handy to use?  Of course not!

I mentioned it to my hubby, who has a shop full of (rough) wood, but I d…