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As anyone who knows me knows, I don't DO random.  In my itty-bitty brain, random represents chaos, an inability to make sense, and a cause for anxiety (like I need another). So why, then, did I wind a towel warp using 6 colors, in no particular order??  Because I was inspired by some towels created by a Ravelry friend, DebbieB.  She has made several runs of these towels, using different (and more, I think) colors than I have, and they were stunning.

So, after winding 7 yards' worth of cotton,

and beaming them on the loom,

To my mind, even when I do random, I do it with a certain sense of order, so my head did NOT explode while I was choosing how to thread this!

I then started to weave (after some time consuming corrections).  The plan is to weave each towel with each color in the warp.  My first towel I wove with purple:

Then I tried a bright turquiose:

I'm now halfway done with a medium blue weft:

To me, the purple one really pops!  I'm afraid the other colors will al…


After my last rant, I thought I'd update the project from you-know-where.  I finally began weaving this morning, and started with some very short samples.  I had tan, silver, and white in mind for the weft, but only enough warp for two, so I tried all three - and ended up undoing 4 shots of white because it just wasn't right.

I know the silver looks more like blue here, but it really is a nice shade of gray.

I felt some relief after sampling, seeing that the project would turn out alright, despite all the issues I had getting to that point.  I decided to begin with the tan, and happily wove for a bit, enjoying the relatively simple treadling sequence.  Until...

I realized that the I did indeed mess up the threading, despite checking it several times over!  Notice the asymmetry there???  This runner was planned for the jury process in March (I've pretty much given up on the gallery opportunity), but with the design so off-kilter, that doesn't seem like such a great idea…

Mojo, Oh Mojo, Oh Where Have You Gone?

Anyone want a slightly used loom, kept in really good condition?  Because at the rate I'm using mine, and with the issues I'm having when I am using it, I'm ready to boot the silly thing out the window.

I have 2 deadlines tentatively looming (har har - get it?!?).  The first is January 22, which is when I have to submit a photo (ugh), short bio, and some handwovens to a gallery in order to showcase them in February and March, along with other artists' wares.  The second deadline is March 3, when I am scheduled to take a few samples to the Maine Crafts Association to be juried for a spot in the store near the Maine Turnpike.

Now, I did weave like a maineiac (punny!) from mid-August to shortly before the holidays, so that I had inventory for the craft fair I attended, as well as a few things for the two stores I consign in.  So I have had a break from weaving for awhile. But I've had much longer breaks than this, and to see me you'd think I've never woven bef…