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Playing With String

Remember the rainbow shawl I wove from my towel warp?  Last time we saw it, it looked like this:

During the latest heat wave we had (with which I DO NOT cope well!), I decided that weaving upstairs was out of the question, even though I am still under the gun to get the last 5 scarves woven for the consignment shop.  So I set myself at the kitchen table, with an oscillating fan nearby, and began to work on the fringe of this shawl.

I know I could have left the fringe as it was, since this is cotton after all, and I also knew that I didn't have to twist it, which was a bonus for me.  So I decided to do some knot work.  My husband, who has been around boats, both in them and repairing, them all his life, has a book of knots, so I perused that.  After consulting with him, I decided on a simple tying plan, meant to leave the fringe looking like diamonds, with knots at all four "points" of each diamond.

Here's my set up:

 And a close up:

I always knew those old encyclope…

Hot Enough for Everyone???

I don't know about you, but this protracted heat wave has overstayed its welcome. Everyone is tired and bit grouchy, me included.  Way up here is northern New England this is a very rare occurrence indeed.  Normally, we might have one or two days that hit 90 here on the coast, but some summers we don't even reach that mark, which is A-okay with me.  I personally am a huge fan of moderation, and don't care for the extremes of winter or summer, but usually our moderate summers make up for some very long cold, snowy, dark winters.  Not so this year!

The weather is also affecting my ability to weave for long periods.  My loom is upstairs, and I do have a fan which helps a lot, but after an hour or two, I'm drained of energy.  I'm still trying to weave off 5 more scarves for the Center of Maine Crafts' order, but it's slow going.  The first variegated scarf is done, with enough warp left for 2 more.  I used black tencel for the weft of the first one.

I've al…

Shawl Woven!

I decided to go with the 10/2 bamboo as weft for this shawl, and what a quick weave! I wove to 90", and just finished hand hemstitching.  How's this for happy fringe??

I think I will try to do some knot work rather than straight fringe twisting, but I may change my mind after I tie a few.

The weather here has been abysmal, at least in my book - hot, hot hot and very humid.  Temps were around 90 all day, and while it's always a bit humid here on the coast of Maine, but the humidity is usually tempered by a lovely sea breeze.  Not a breath of it this time around.  I've come to a rather sobering realization with all this heat.  I am, ahem, of a certain age where activity in the great outdoors under these conditions is not conducive to then staying up all night, working, and being able to be at the top of my game.

The next town over does the 4th of July in a big way, and one of the activities is a big parade.  The community band that I play in has always participated, an…