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Coupon Code!

I'm celebrating the fact that winter is finally, FINALLY over!  Yes, today is a gray, damp day, so extra clothing is still needed.  But I've seen the occasional bud finding its way out on some bushes in our yard.  I've heard a few birds calling to each other. Bits of grass are starting to look, dare I say, green.  And, most significantly, I've made an appointment to have my snow tires removed.

So, in honor of these wonders of nature, I'm offering a coupon code for my Etsy shop from now until the end of the month.  Just enter "Springhassprung2014" at checkout, and receive a 10% discount.  It expires May 1st, so you'd better hurry!

In other news, I finished up my heart scarves, and have started the next set of tencel scarves.  They will be tabby, with variegated yarn in blues, red-purples, and black.  I wound them on my mill, which I'm still getting used to, so I don't think it's saving me any time, but it is easier to see a mistake there th…

Let's Do The Twist!!

Fringe twisting, that is!

I managed to weave off the three tencel "heart" scarves in what seemed like record time for me, so now it's on to the drudgery of fringe twisting.  My handy battery-operated device helps speed the process along, for sure, but I would so rather be doing something else.  I think it must be related to ergonomics.  I do the twisting at the kitchen table, and even though it feels perfectly fine when we eat, when I use the table as a work surface, it feels too high to me. Sitting in my chair I get the feeling that I am three years old again and trying to sit at the grown-ups' table!

Above you can see the twisting in progress.  I used to pin the cloth to a foam board that had been carefully measured into one inch increments, but that got lost in the room redo awhile back, so now I use my fabric cutting board and some old (VERY old!) encyclopedias to keep the fabric in place.  With the way that information dessemenation has changed recently, that&#…

Next Up

While I wait for my next baby wrap yarn to be hand dyed, I've started a run of three tencel scarves in the striking heart pattern that I've used once before.  The colors are a wonderful contrast with each other, with a distinct, deep, rich red tone on black. The pattern is quite complicated, especially after doing a big tabby weave, and yet I've already memorized it, surprisingly.

I've yet to capture this particular shade of red correctly.  It is not nearly that bright. Hopefully once the scarves are done and on the mannekin, I can figure it out.


I finally finished the baby wrap, and am going to be sending it out to testers this week!  Of course, there are definitely things I will do differently in the future.  The selvedges are a bit wonky, since A) it was my first time using a temple and it took a bit of time to get the hang of it, and B) I blindly decided to follow some advice I saw on a baby wearing group that indicated basketweave selvedges were preferred. Unfortunately, I was weaving tabby, so now the selvedges are a tad wavy.  Live and learn, right?

Using a mini end feed shuttle worked great, except I had to change pirns every 6-8 inches, so there were lots of overlaps to trim.  One of these days I'll invest in a full sized one.  I do like how the color progressions came out, though.

It's hard to see all of the colors because it's so wide, but at least you can glimpse them in that photo.  I also tried to take a photo of it laid out length-wise

but ran out of space on the longest rack I have!  Ironing it was …