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Number Two

The second baby wrap is off the loom, sewn and wet finished.  It has been a learning experience for me, no doubt, but I can't say I'm not happy to have it completed.

This is the first time that my age has affected my ability to complete a project in keeping with my usual standards.  As hard as I tried to find skips while weaving, I found a few but missed many, so after it came off the loom, I sat with the material and my magnifying reading glasses.  Way too much eye strain, so I brought in a daylight lamp and looked again.  Terrible headache developed, so I brought in a second daylight light.  Eventually, I had to wear a smallish LED lamp on my forehead to complete the task.  I must have looked a fright sitting there with all that STUFF around and on me!  The headache lasted into the next day, and I even had some trouble seeing clearly through my regular specks for awhile. I'm sure part of it was the variegated colors, plus I've found that charcoal weft pretty much dis…

Under Way!

So I finally rigged up some weights using two empty milk jugs and a couple of spray bottles, and with my hubby's help set up the warping trapeze.

As you can see, it was quite a rig!  I needed help setting it up, since my boatbuilder husband made the rod fit just perfectly in the holes, to the point where I couldn't get them in!  He'll have to make those holes a bit bigger unless he wants to be permanently on call.  The sections of warp didn't stay perfectly in their given areas on the sectional beam, but all were wound on with even tension.  I had high hopes that this would a) speed the warping process, which it certainly did, and b) solve some of the tension issues I had with the last wrap.  This, unfortunately, didn't happen.

I followed Anne Dixon's "recipe" for reinforced selvedges, since that seems to be requirement in baby wraps.  That meant threading the first and last four threads 1-2-3-4, but threading the next 8 threads 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4.  All…

Such a Slacker

At least in the "literary" sense.  No blog for how many weeks?!?  Believe me, I haven't been sitting on my...laurels and doing nothing.  Lots of work at work.  And a fair bit here at home.  Both have been partially to blame for the delay, as has a bit of indecision.  But more on that later.

The Iris tabby scarves were woven off with little fanfare.  I now have 3 scarves ready for my shop, or any consignment shops that need inventory.  It is always amusing (and a bit exasperating) to measure them after they've dried and see the wild differences in length, given the same measurement they all had on the loom.  I wove them to ~78," after easing off on the tension to make sure that the final size was an unstretched 78 inches.  What I ended up with were 66, 68, and 68.5 inch scarves.  I assume that the warp relaxed to different degrees, but a 2.5 inch difference?

While working on these quick weaves, I was still mulling how to proceed with my next baby wrap.  I got the…