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Pages Added

Even though I have started weaving on the rainbow wrap (yay!), I decided to waste some of today getting a few pages on my blog.  It seems like I'll never have enough time to make a dedicated web site active enough, so I thought maybe I could do it all here.  For now I've placed links to items in my Etsy shop, but am thinking that I may try to sell my wraps directly from the here.  The problem is, I didn't format the links to open in another window, so whoosh! away folks will go if they click.  Does anyone out there know how to do this??


...are done!  Not forever, of course, but I just spent the better part of two days completing a big ol' list of things that required my attention, including the dreaded house-cleaning.  I hate doing it, but I have to admit, I do feel better about pretty much everything when it is completed.  This morning was the last of it, including registering my car (the online option couldn't find me this year :->(, hanging around waiting for the satellite repairman to come, and making a yummy chocolate peanut butter pie for my youngest's 25th birthday tomorrow!  Let's see, if he's half a century old, then I must be...precocious???

(Please excuse the out of focus cell phone photo!).

Happily, I can now return to my rainbow wrap warp prep ( say THAT three times fast!).  I started measuring last Wednesday, and wound four sections that day and the next, then I had to work on Friday.  The weekend was very productive, completing another 14 sections.  After three very busy and long…

Trying Something New

I attempting sectional beaming for the first time, although I do not have all of the equipment needed to optimize this technique.  Using what I have, I am winding one inch sections on my warping mill, then taking it to the loom and putting it on using a tensioning box.  So far, I've had one broken thread (in my first, and worst, bout), 2 sections go on very easily, and and 3 have varying challenges.  I think the part that is causing the tangling is "sleying" the small reeds in a random order rather than in the order the yarns were wound.  I think I've learned my lesson, though - my next bout will have a "counting string" that I will use to keep the yarns in order.  I could make a cross but can't figure out how to use that at the loom without lease sticks.

This baby wrap is going to be an eight color gradient.  I spent several hours on Sunday working out the math, and then had to work 2 twelve hour days.  Yesterday I started measuring the first bout, and…

Available! And Opinions Sought

I finally finished taking photos of the second baby wrap, Caribbean Depths.  I'm a bit disappointed, because the colors seem a bit muted compared to in real life.

I've listed it on my business Facebook page ( for now, where it might get better exposure than my Etsy shop.  I do anticipate it migrating over there soon, though.  Just trying to navigate the many groups and sub-groups on FB surrounding the baby wearing world makes me feel old.  I seems to take me forever to understand what I can and cannot do, and where I can and cannot be.  People are very helpful, but that doesn't make me feel any more nimble of mind.

I've almost completed the quickest project I've done in a long time.  I've had some 2/10 merino/tencel in the Ocean Blue colorway that I purchased from Webs years ago, just sitting on the shelf, waiting for inspiration to hit.  I thought I might do a huck scarf, but kept putting…