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"Looming" Deadlines!

C'mon, you knew I had to use the pun, right??

The holiday craft fair through work is coming up very soon - Dec 5th, to be exact.  I'm trying to weave a couple of towels a day on my days off, and am awaiting some hand dyed tencel for a couple of scarves.  I think that will be my limit, so any time left over I will use for tagging, creating signage, etc. I'm glad I chose to use a natural colored warp, as opposed to white - it seems to give some of the towels an antique-y feel.

So far, I've woven 5 towels on the 8 towel warp, and these are the colors:

a mid-range red:

a bright blue;

and yes, I didn't see the sleying error until I was well into the second towel, so it will just have to do!

A lovely dusky purple, which is hard to capture;

and a mid-tone green, for which I've only taken an underneath photo that doesn't show the color well;

My plan is to weave another green, and then maybe use something bright for one or both of the remaining towels.  The pattern …

A Break

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, not yet anyway.  As always, life keeps poking its head in the way of keeping you informed of my latest weaving pursuits.  The latest interruption was the surprise winter storm that pounded our part of Maine last weekend.  We were supposed to get less than "a slushy inch on grassy surfaces."  What we got was a foot of wet, heavy snow, along with strong wind gusts, some of which reached 50 mph.  Trees were damaged everywhere, landing on houses, streets and power lines.  We lost power, only for 30 hours or so, but our furnace was broken in the process of trying to hook it up to a generator, so we only got heat and hot water yesterday, after 3 days without them.  Boy, did that first shower feel great!  (I did wash up at the sink, you cynics!). And late last night the final piece fell into place - we got our phone and internet back!  So, dear readers, you can see that unless you wanted a blog from my phone, which I certainly did…