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I promised a POLL!

And here it is!

My towel warp is working out nicely.  I've woven four towels using tan 8/2 unmercerized cotton,

and two (so far) using cotton/linen in a cornflower blue.

This is the first time I've woven with any linen content, and boy, it's interesting!  Kind of hairy, and I find that it really grabs onto itself when the pirn gets down to the last little bits of weft.  I will weave another 2 towels with this weft, and then must decide what to do for the last 4 towels.  On to the poll:

A)  Should I weave the last four towels as a set, i.e. all the same color?  Or, given my stash, which I'll show you in a moment, should I weave different colors for each one?  After all, most folks seem to buy one towel at a time.

B) Which colors should I use?

I have enough for a set in the dusty rose (upper left), aqua (lower left), medium blue (back center), and medium green (back right).  I MAY have enough for a set with the medium purple in front as well.  The lavender (small cone i…

Gothic Cross!!

After much ado, I've finally gotten a good start on my Gothic Cross towels.  I'd decided to measure a 13 yard warp, enabling me to weave 12 towels.  Measuring the yarn on my warping board was uneventful, but apparently the warping gremlins came out at night and were up to mischief, because when I tried to get the yarn on the loom, uneven tension abounded.  I ended up having to advance the warp ever so slowly, and combing the yarn with my fingers, which I know is a huge no-no.  I finally got the yarn on the loom after many hours of frustration, but some bouts were longer than others.  I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, and to come upon a clump of untensioned yarn as I weave.  Oy.

Here is the loom with the warp wound on - I used 8/2 bleached unmercerized cotton from Halcyon.

And from the side,

I got no pictures of the unevenness, because it was all just too heart breaking.

Since dressing the loom, I've managed to weave 4 towels in 2 days, which is probably a record …

Off and Running, er, Plodding!

Vacation's almost over, and though it feels that I've made no progress, I really have. The Leclerc loom has had it's oil bath, and the heddle bars were wiped down and cleaned.  The heddles, once a mash up,

became this neat, orderly pile after 2 hours' work.

After cleaning, I decided to warp the loom with a "throw away" warp that I've had for quite awhile.  It was a kit, intended to become a bamboo shawl, but when I wound it many many months ago, I had a senior moment and wound way too much, leaving me with too little weft.  I had contacted the company from which I purchased it, but the additional cost for more yarn was too steep for me, so into a plastic bag the whole thing went.

Since I am not set up to warp sectionally, I decided to remove one of the sections and secure it to the beam and use it as a raddle.

I took the metal bar out from its eye bolt and measured enough texsolv so that I could use it to loop my warp onto.

Who knew, but a yard stick work…

Back on Track

I just started a much desired vacation a couple of days ago (!), and that gives me the time to get back to the loom.  I finished weaving on the Holly Towels this morning - better late than never!  I got three full sized towels, plus a truncated one, due to the rash decision to cut off the beginning of the warp when it caused me no end of trouble.  It probably would have been a smarter move to have cut out the weft, then resley at a more open sett.  I'll have to remember that the next time disaster strikes. So, here is a shot of the last towel in progress:

I do like the look of the broken twill, so I'm sure I will use it again in the future. Tomorrow I will start the sewing/finishing work, then decide on my next project on the Baby Wolf.

I've also started to work on cleaning up the "new" loom finally!  Yesterday I took 2 of the shafts off and cleaned the wooden parts up using steel wool and a oil-based finish, and the heddle bars got a spray of WD-40 and a rubdown…