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Found it!!

My mojo, that is!

I was asked to weave a table runner and 6-8 placemats for a wedding in October, and between work responsibilities and a short trip soon, I felt a bit of a time crunch sneaking its way into my head.  At first I couldn't even decide what weave structure to use, which, of course, led to more panic.  I kept thinking that overshot would work, but since I have yet to actually weave overshot, it seemed like a bad (read slow) idea, not to mention having to weave with 2 shuttles, thus slowing everything down even more. Still, it seemed like the only idea I could come up with, until.... I remembered the wonderful snowflake/crystal draft that I've woven several times in the past.  Except for a bit of math, it was all written down from other projects, so that saved some time.  I decided to go with 10/2 cotton for this iteration, and I think I've made a wise choice.

The draft is an eight shaft pattern, so I dressed my little BW with bleached cotton, planning for an …


I've had the worst case of weaver's block lately!  It's like the baby wraps sucked every bit of creative juices out of me, leaving only a pathetic, empty husk.  OK, a bit overly dramatic, but it's a terrible feeling. Now is the time to stock up for the holidays (I know, I know - seems way too soon to me too!), but except for a merino/tencel scarf requested by a coworker, I've been unable to come up with any ideas or designs at all.

I know I need to make some more tea towels.  Check.  Structure first?  Hmmm..tabby? twill? overshot? summer and winter?  Um, I dunno.  Maybe if I concentrate on colors, I'll be inspired!  Dum, de dum...  I toodle on up to the studio; look at all the pretty colors!! What if I combined this one, that, or maybe this other.. Oh, I really don't have quite enough of these here to make much.  But I have shelves of yarn!!  Surely something can come of all this!  What if... Or how about...  Nuthin'!  Well, gosh, I'm kind…