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Learned Something New!

The last time I posted, it was to tell you that I had to measure another warp in order to complete the set of eight placemats ordered.  The warp went on with tangles, despite being wound under even tension on my mill (I really must find out what I'm doing wrong there!), but it went on none the less.  Threading, sleying and tying on happened without a hitch.  I wove another placemat with 6 repeats, following my notes from the previous warp.  Once completed, I wanted to do the finish work on that one mat before weaving the rest of the warp, so I decided to try a method I had read about.  Peggy Osterkamp has published a method for being able to cut something off the loom and tie the rest of the warp back on without having to resley, etc.  There had been some talk about it recently on Ravelry, so I took notes and dove in.

At the end of the piece that was to be cut off, I wove a couple of shots of tabby, then another inch of tabby in a contrasting yarn.  I then placed two sticks, one i…

Of Course!

So, since coming back from my little musical vacation, I've jumped back into weaving the placemats as much as possible so I can get them done in time for the wedding in early October.  I have the draft memorized, so the weaving is easy enough to get 2-3 done in one session.  Plenty of yarn available, pirns wound - check.  I only had one more mat to go before the project was done!

Weaving commenced, and all went swimmingly.  I wove  three pattern repeats, but as I started the fourth, the measurements were not consistent with what I had measured on the other mats.  So I looked at the newly woven cloth as it was heading towards the cloth beam, and I saw my mistake right away:  I had repeated a section of the pattern that was not meant to be repeated, and I had done it a pattern and a half back.  I started to unweave, but soon realized that this called for more drastic action.

Yep, I decided to cut out all the weft and start again.  You can see the mistake above - the diamond-y shapes…

I'm back..

I've been remiss in my blogging, but I do have a valid reason for it.  I've just returned from a week at adult band camp!  Ok, ok, you can stop laughing now.  What started as a great Christmas present idea for the husband, turned into a "vacation" for both of us.  We haven't had a vacation away from our house in many, many years, so this was a big step.  The camp was on a lake in central Maine, and it was truly beautiful there.  This was the view from the porch of the lodge where we "slept".

I use the work "slept", but really, it was more of a tossing and turning rest period most nights.  The weather was extremely hot for Maine at this time of year, and humid, so everyone was roasting (no A/C).  Our room was also right above the kitchen, so there was all sorts of clanging and banging going on early in the AM.  I had my alarm set for 6:20 AM, and did not need it once.  The mattress was extremely soft, so any movement by either of us and it felt…