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Happy Birthday to....ME!

Yep, it's the "big" day for me!  I come from a family where birthdays were a big deal when I was young.  Lots of family lived nearby, and there was always a gathering, dinner, cake, presents - you name it.  Fast forward to today, and, of course, the birthday barely registers in many respects.  I always feel like it ought to be special, but the reality is that it is mostly just another day.  I've just come off working 60 plus busy hours in the last 7 days, so I'm pretty tired, but I still spent part of the morning vacuuming, doing laundry, dusting, and putting off cleaning the bathrooms until later today - how does the house get so dirty when I'm gone?  Oh yeah - the husbeast!  I also baked some chocolate zucchini muffins - gluten and dairy free, of course!

The rest of the morning I spent completing the threading on the next baby wrap.  Here is a photo from earlier this week, after I'd loaded up the warp beam;

I do love my sectional beam, I must say!  I wo…

Baby Steps...

Slowly but surely, this winter is beginning to ease away from us.  We actually had one day last week when the temp was near 40!  Of course, the next day was back to the deep freeze, but it did give us hope.  The frequency of snow storms has lessened, as have the amounts we get.  Granted, we still have huge piles everywhere, it is still impossible to look for oncoming traffic at the end of the driveway and at intersections, we practically skate when we leave the house, but the predictions are for continuing moderation of temperatures, with occasional warmer than normal days, and still some well below.  At this point, we will take anything that we can get!

This is about how bad our icicle situation got, before the 40 degree day.  My hubby got up on the roof that day and removed all the ice.

On a much happier note, I've started weaving some more random striped tabby towels, which are always cheery.  Here are the colors as they went on my Baby Wolf.

I've finished the first towel, …