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Next Steps

After successfully weaving my first inkle band, I created one that is intended for the reason I picked up yet another hobby in the first place - as a strap for my handwoven clutch wallet.  I used a wrap scrap for the exterior of the wallet, and then used the same yarns to weave the band.  It's nice to have the strap match the purse perfectly, plus the band wove up in a little over 2 hours, start to finish! Who doesn't like a quick project??

I used material from the rainbow wrap that I wove recently

and decided to make the purse purple, so I centered the pattern over the purple and magenta sections. This was the final result;

I then warped up my mini inkle loom with the same yarns - 10/2 UKI mercerized cotton in charcoal, purple, and magenta.

The band came out a bit longer than I needed, and I had a lot of difficulty advancing the warp towards the end.  I even removed the lower, tensioned post, but I still couldn't quit weave the full available length.  No worries, though, …


The scarf that I wove from the Artisan slub silk last time

worked up incredibly quickly.  I liked the result more than I thought I would.  As I said, the yarn is quite thick, at least compared to what I usually use, but the combination of the way the colors changed along with the purple spun silk weft that is barely there made the scarf very appealing.  The entire project only took a few days, working part time.  Even the fringe twisting worked up quickly!
Here are some in-progress shots;

To do the wet finishing, I just soaked the scarf in some Eucalan, spun the excess water out, ironed while damp. and laid flat to dry.

The scarf is nice and long, so it can be worn in any way possible.

I also hinted at another new thing for me, and that would be my new mini inkle loom!

I purchased it on Etsy, from The Weiner Dog Ranch (  It took me a few days to get up the courage to try it, and warping it is kin…

Another Find

I'm finding very little time to weave of late.  Work has been consistently busy, and I find I have little energy left after 12.5 hour shifts to do more than flop on the couch.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel, as I am on vacation!  Well, mostly on vacation.  I have a 5 hour mandatory meeting tomorrow, but then I am off for a week and a half.  I fully expect to get some weaving projects at least started, so that when I get busy again, I'll have no excuses for not weaving a bit here and there.  I managed to wind a single scarf warp yesterday with some Artisan silk from Georgia Yarn company.

This silk isn't at all what I expected.  It is approximately the size of 3/2 cotton and not particularly soft to the touch, but I don't have much experience with silk, so I'm open to the possibilities.  I'll be setting this fairly loosely, at 12 EPI, and using 20/2 silk for weft.  The PPI will be very open, mostly to hold this silk in place.

I'm also planning …

New Toys!

I'm not sure why, but this year seems to be The Year of New Equipment for me.  First, I replaced the iron that I've had since I was (cough) 18.  It still worked, even though it occasionally left some deposits on items, and took forever to heat up.  Of course, it took forever to heat up even when it was new, so I thought that was just what irons did.  Boy, was I surprised when I bought my new one and it was steaming hot in one minute!!  I like the auto off feature, even though I'm very careful and have never walked away from a hot iron, but mostly the amount of steam and speed of the heating is what wows me now.  Now that I am spending more time ironing it's nice to have a good iron.

To help explain the second purchase, I'll have to show you why I made it.  I came across a pattern for a clutch wallet that someone had made with handwoven material, and I was intrigued.  The pattern is called the Necessary Clutch Wallet (affectionately known as the NCW), and I purchase…