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A Bit of Organization

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a bit, um, tightly wound.  I like things in order, or my little brain has a hard time thinking clearly.

You can imagine my difficulties after I received that big box of yarn I posted about last time.  That yarn had nowhere to live, because my one and only yarn storage looked like this:

(I took that picture after I had organized the second shelf down.  Believe me, it was as bad as the rest!).  The yarns are "organized," in that similar sizes and materials are together, but I found it harder and harder to function in that room as it is, and now I had all that extra yarn to deal with.  My hubby made a few simple half shelves, but even so, they sat on the floor for longer than they should have.  I was truly overwhelmed. So I started by organizing the yarns that I had just purchased, so I could see what I had.  That big jumbled box o' yarns went from this;

to this;

When I look that this photo, I see a beautiful gradient baby wrap in the…


I finished weaving the autumn themed towels last week, but just got around to taking photos of them.
I put a 7 yards warp on the loom, and ended up with 6 large towels, and one mini.  And the best thing?  I wove them all from stash!  Nothing like a good stash-buster project!

You can see the two different designs in this slightly blurry photo:

It was a fun and quick weave, so I'm sure I'll use it again.  I'd really like to add some shafts to my big loom, because weaving on my Baby Wolf, though fast to set up, is problematic at times.  The weaving area is so small that it is easy to have the shuttle catch errant warps and cause skips.

I also used my mini Warping Square again.  I had taken it apart, to be returned to the manufacturer because of its incompatibility with my loom.  Mitch has been working on redesigning it so it will work mounted on my back beam, but the process is taking a long time.  I was itching to start another large towel warp, in anticipation of the craft …