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There is no doubt that this winter will be one for the record books, I am sure!  While I know that NYC didn't get nearly as much snow as predicted, the weathermen were spot on for this area of the state.  It started snowing Monday night, and for an entire day it fell, sideways.  Temps were in the single digits to teens, and very strong winds, near hurricane force in some places, made for an almost surreal landscape when we woke up this morning.  This is a shot (from indoors - it's cold out there!) looking towards our garage and driveway, after plowing and snowblowing.
You can see the sizeable pile against the house.  Some areas were waist-deep prior to the clean up.

And here is the other side of our house, the side that was more exposed to the winds.
Bare ground!!  Of course, the piled up snow near the street is another issue all together!  Since we live near the coast, most of our snowstorms tend to be on the wetter side, with heavy, sticky snow.  This one was all powder, hen…

Folly's Progress

The warp is on the loom, and the weaving is coming along nicely!  I really love the bright, random colors, especially with winter playing so rough this year!  Frigid and gray has been the rule of the day lately, so spending some time at my loom helps brighten an otherwise dreary morning.

I love the way the warp comes around the back beam so evenly.  Hard to get a good photo of it, though.

The other day I walked by it on my way through the living room, and seeing the warp on the sectional beam from underneath almost took my breath away.  Of course, I got my trusty camera, but the photo doesn't do it justice.  It also looks a bit too yellow.  You get the idea, though (and a glimpse of my late father-in-law's cat!).

So neat and tidy!!  And then you look at the long shot, and that all goes out the window!!

All kinds of things on the loom, near the loom..  tools of the trade, I guess!

I've woven 2 yards so far, so over one third done.  More work days coming up, though, so no mo…