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Home Again!

I made it back from the craft fair in one piece, and that's saying something.  I don't know why, but the thought of interacting with the public is very difficult for me, both because I'm quite shy, and because part of me feels like I (and by association, my wares) won't measure up.  There were a lot of nerves working up to the date, but by the time it rolled around, there was so much to do that I forgot to be nervous, at least at first.

We got up at 4 AM, and arrived in Portland at 6:50 or so.  The directions were a bit nebulous, so we took a few extra minutes to find the street.  Both ends were blocked by police, who would wave you in if you were part of the show.  After that, there was a bit of mayhem, with folks driving their vehicles in to off-load, and tents already set up on the sides of the street.  These are old time New England streets, so not very wide.  There just wasn't room, so lots of stopping and squeezing by before we could get all of our stuff off …

Last Push

Finished up the last project for the craft show - inkle band key fobs.  I was going to use half for fobs and half for bookmarks, but wasn't sure how many people read real books anymore, so I went with the fobs instead.  Of course, many folks have a black plastic fob for their cars already, so I might have made the wrong choice.

The band off the loom;

Have I said how much I love this pattern?  And the colors make me smile!  Yes, the selvedges still need improvement, but I still get a bit of a thrill that I can create something that looks like this.

With the hardware attached;

Besides creating my treadle gate, which I showed in my last post, my hubby also used his creativity and skill to make a postcard display for the show;

Sometimes I don't know how he comes up with these things, but I sure love it when he does!

He also built a display rack for the wallets that I've sewn.  It will work well, I think, but it really looks like the Starship Enterprise, don't you think?  I…

Treadle Gate!

Ever since I bought my Glimakra Standard loom, my biggest complaint has been that the rear-hinged treadles move side to side when in use.  This makes it hard (for me) to find the correct treadle with my foot without looking, plus they clack together quite a bit.

After much cajoling, my hubby made me a treadle gate!  I'd done some research and found a couple of photos online of some, but he took it to the next level, as he is wont to do.

It is movable front to back, but fits very snuggly, so it doesn't move at all when in use.  The pegs are just the right height to rest the treadles on while doing my tie up, so no more balancing them on my knee while sitting on the floor.  If I ever get around to adding more shafts, there is plenty of room to add to the treadle gate as well.  (Please excuse the dust - woodworking does create a lot of it!).

I've been pretty busy these last few days before the fine arts craft fair this weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating, …

Craft Fair Bound

I finished the Pebble Weave towels that I was posting about last time, and I love love love the texture! I'm not alone - 3 of the 4 towels are already sold, with the fourth spoken for unless sold at the fair. Slightly nubbly, the texture really shows off the colors, much better than my old stand by, plain weave.  Easy threading, easy treadling...what's not to like?  I will definitely be using this again, in baby wraps and more towels.

Black 10/2 weft (colors are truer in the second and third photos):

Purple 10/2 weft:

And all together:

I just spent my last few days off trying to finish a few more wallets.  Not using handwoven material for these - they are just quickies for the fair.  Can you tell I like purple??

Just three more shifts until my vacation!!!  Where has the summer gone?

My crafting time was rudely interrupted on Saturday when I had a sudden onset of pretty sharp chest pain.  No shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, dizziness - just a strong sub-sternal pain/pres…