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Rep rug!

This is my first rep rug, and only my second rep project, the first being some placemats (meant as a gift, so no photos yet!).  I made many errors along the way, some of which I mentioned in another blog, but the final one was a common one amongst weavers, I think.  I saw that the end of the warp was getting closer, but thought I just might be able to eke out one last pattern repeat before weaving the ending sequence and then the hem.

As you have probably guessed, I should have stopped right there, because I ended up being able to weave only one row that should have been six, and two rows that should have been three, in order to be able to weave the hem.  Even then, I had to back way off with the tension.  I ended up with a shorter-than-planned rug that is asymmetrical to boot!  Here's a photo of it still on the loom, waiting to be cut off;

Once cut off the loom, I folded the hems in thirds and hand stitched them down, scratching my right thumb and jamming the tapestry needle unde…

Wrap Scraps!

Awhile back I found a tutorial online for sewing Dumpling pouches, and I saved the site and promptly forgot all about it!  So, after the rush of the competition and a holiday commission, I found the time to attempt to sew some up, using scraps materials leftover from the loom.  This is the site:

And here are the resultant bags:

They measure ~6 inches by 3.5 inches, with a 2 inche base.  The blue/purple/green bag is ever so slightly smaller.  They open up nice and wide, too!  But the best part is that they didn't take very long to sew, compared to the larger clutch wallets I've been making.  It's nice to have a quick sewing project for a change!

I'll most likely post these on my FB page soon.  I have to work for the next couple of days, so I'll wait until I'll be around to attend to the computer.

Pulled in Several Directions

I was really excited to finish off the red table runner I showed last time, so I could finally devote some time to trying to weave my first rep rug.  We need something for the kitchen floor in front of the sink, because the vinyl has worn through, so I thought a small rep rug would be just the thing.  I used the drafts from Rosalie Neilson's Handwoven's Master Weaver Collection, "One Warp, Four Rugs, Eight Looks."  Since this was my first try, and I didn't want to lay out a lot for materials, I thought I would just warp for one rug, so I carefully divided the measurements by four,  including the loom waste.  Yep!  So now I have a very very short warp!  Such a dope!

I also decided not to purchase the Borg's Maxi String yarn for the thick weft; instead, I would eight strands of the thin weft, 3/2 merc cotton.  I've seen that a lot in reading on rep rugs, that the thick weft be 8 of the thin, but when I again did the math, taking the Maxi ypp (124), and the …

A Month???

Has a month already flown by since I last blogged??  Sheesh, I must be getting old!

The babywearing weavers competition has ended, thankfully.  I had a bit of scrambling to do at the last minute, not because my entry wasn't complete, but because of uploading information issues. Stressful to the very end!

All told there were 91 entries.  Most were unbelievably beautiful, so much nicer than anything I could come up with.  I didn't finish dead last, and ended up getting 76 votes over all.  The best part is that the competition was a great vehicle to increase exposure.  I more than doubled the membership in my little chatter group, so now more folks will see all of the handwovens as I post them.  My piece did sell after I put it up for a random draw - the mama should get it tomorrow!  She's promised to post some photos as she uses it over the weekend.

Since I was trying to use yarn I already had, the best fit I came up with was using the book "In the Night Kitchen" b…