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Dyeing to Show and Tell (nyuck nyuck!)

Back again for what will most likely be the last blog before the holiday.  Yes, there's been weaving - more on that in a bit.  I'd first like to share the completion of the long, drawn out spinning/dyeing project that I've alluded to here and there.

As a quick refresher, I purchased some merino/mohair/nylon fiber to spin for socks after hearing that it will wear well and be a bit warmer thanks to the mohair.

I spun it on my spindle because I seem to spin better on it, especially with prolonged periods of ignoring it. The wheel always takes awhile for me to refamiliarize myself with, so here and there, as I had time, I pulled out my wonderful Golding ring spindle and spun up the 6 plies.

I had already decided to try dyeing this yarn, but was waffling between trying some "real" dye or using a food-based one.  I did not want to go the Koolaid route again, but was intimidated by the scope of using real dyes.  I would have had to purchase several containers/pots to ke…


Yes, it's true.  I'm a liar.  I don't know how I have become such a disrespectful, loathsome creature, but alas, I have.  I'll blog more often!  Next post will be more colorful!!!  Blah blah blah.  Don't believe a word I say (or write).  So, no promises.  I will strive to be better, to write more often, to fill your screens with vibrant photos of all kinds of yarny goodness.  But, y'know, I wouldn't hold my breath...

In the last post I wrote about my spinning, and I have just finished spinning the third ply of the second skein, so the sixth ply in all.  It is sitting on my spindle, waiting to be wound off with the other two plies to form my plying ball.  When I do this I have to make sure I have more time than it would appear I would need, because inevitably one ply runs out way before another, so I have to use the Andean plying trick (  I've been pretty busy between working extra shifts (lots of sick babies!…