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I'm (Almost) Back!!

As much as I love taking part in the weavers' competitions on Facebook, the prolonged secrecy makes it way to easy to drop off the map and stop blogging.  After all, if all of your crafting is being done in secret, what is there to talk about??  I'm afraid the rest of my life is pretty darned boring, so not much help there.

The good news is, I just finished the weaving portion on this competition baby wrap!  The length came out as I had calculated - always a good thing!  I've taken a few photos along the way to share later, but now comes the true tedium:  the thread by thread checks for mistakes, then the wet finishing, and lastly, the photography work.  I really wish I had a baby to wear, since it can be a challenge to get photos that really grab the viewer's attention when all of the photos are taken on a flat surface.  And even though I work with new moms all the time, I do not feel I can ask anyone to model for me.  I don't even know if I would be capable of ta…