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Conversion on Hold

Apologies in advance to the non-weavers out there.  This is a loom "tech" heavy post - no yummy new weaves to look at!

After my last post, I decided that I did indeed want to upgrade my Standard to eight shafts as my next "project." Once I gave myself a moment to think about it, I realized that it shouldn't take too much time to do, once the missing metal parts were obtained at the local hardware store.

On Monday, I took the morning to organize the rest of the texsolv that came with my loom when I purchased it. They were all in a ziplock bag, and looked like this - some were grouped together, some were not.

As you can see, I also had my partial tube of texsolv that I purchased when I decided to redo the treadle tie-ups. I was afraid I wouldn't have enough, but after measuring and grouping the texsolv together by size, it looked like this;

I should have more than enough for the upgrade, including the necessary treadle tie-ups for treadles 5-8!

My first step …


Since completing the competition wrap I have found myself dead in the water when it comes to weaving.  Lots of "I should's" swirling in my brain, but very little action.  Do I wind a quick tencel scarf warp on which to try dyeing for the first time?  Or design some towels using random pinstripes?  Or maybe an eight shaft heart weave of some sort?  So many ideas that my poor noggin basically just says, "nope" to all of them, and it just lays there, paralyzed by indecision.

I did manage to weave the turned twill towels off the loom, but only because the shop that wanted a half dozen sent a deadline.  I ended up with 10 towels instead of 12.  I used the same "recipe" as I have in the past, yet the towels came out a bit long.  That was the warp from, well, you know where, and I'm very glad to get it off the Baby Wolf.  I didn't end up with too many issues with tension, once it was all tied on, but the beginning of the process was so onerous that …

Love's Emergence

Here's the big reveal!  My entry in the Spring 2016 Competition of Weavers!

You can see the inspiration photo in the upper right.  It's a micrograph of Pitocin crystals.  Being an OB nurse, Pitocin, or our endogenous oxytocin, has all kinds of meaning for me. In the contest, besides a 4-photo collage, we were to write a 250 word or less blurb on why we picked this particular project.

Here's what I wrote:

Pitocin. A word that can strike fear into laboring women. It represents pain that comes in
uncontrollable waves, strong and stronger, powerful enough to propel a baby through the birth canal,
stretching and sometimes tearing tissue. After the birth, it is often used to control post partum bleeding,
encouraging the uterus to continue contracting, closing off the many micro vessels that are left open
after the delivery of the placenta. And yet...
Pitocin. The love hormone. The snuggle hormone. It brings us closer…