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Busy, busy!

As you know, I've been on a much-needed staycation for almost two weeks now, and, for the most part, I have put that time to good use.  The first week was spent cleaning and painting the stairwell and continuing to weave on the advancing twill towels.  Those towels took a good, long time to complete, but complete they are!

I ended up with 6 towels (2 of the same color), 5 of which measure 17.5" X 28."  The deep purple towel is smaller, only 24", but it's still big enough for someone to make use of it.  I have to say, I LOVE the organic linen/cotton from Maurice Brassard! The towels came out very textured but soft, almost nubly.  I think they'll absorb really well!

I also did my first experiment with dyeing non-animal fibers.  I had wound a scarf warp from some undyed tencel for this project, but had set it aside until I could do the dyeing outside, knowing it would be quite messy.  Last weekend proved to be a good time, so I set up my plastic on the porch an…


Or should I say, staycation!  I am in the middle of two weeks off, and at my last day of work, when people would ask, "Where are you going on your vacation?", my answer was "Not here!"  I love being able to be at home and get things done, without the pressure of only having 1-3 days in which to do them.  It's not that I'm against travelling, but with my diet restrictions, I'm always worried about finding food.  It is easier now to find gluten free vegan food, so there will be some travelling in my future, but for now, I'm happy at home!

So far, I interrupted my advancing twill towels on the Standard (its first eight shaft draft), to do a quickie project for my sister.  She called to ask if I would sew a curtain for a bathroom in her cottage. The window is in the bathroom, so I figured there had to be a need, so I jumped right on it when the cloth came.  No photos, but she got the cloth at Jo-Anne's, and it's a bright, almost lime green flowe…


Believe it or not, and unlike most folks, I like Mondays!

Two reasons, I think; one, because I don't work on Mondays, always a good thing.

And two, because it is hand knit sock washing day!

For years I have indulged in this small passion (the knitting, not the washing!).  I love the way hand knit socks feel on my feet, and they are such a portable and affordable hobby, as well as a nice way of expressing myself.

I have many older pairs that I have just thrown in the laundry for years and washed and dried with other items, and while I can still wear them, and do, now that I have a nicer washing machine, I am more careful with my newer pairs.  During the winter, I have a small mitten tree near the wood stove that I use to dry them, and boy, does that work well!  But I always look forward to nicer weather, in part so that I can hang my socks out to dry. There are even a couple of hand spun socks in that group, on the ends - the right hand socks were also dyed by me, so triple play!


Oh, My Aching Back!!

When I last left you I was waiting for the correct jacks to be sent to me from Glimakra for my Standard's upgrade to eight shafts.  I didn't have to wait long - the correct jacks were at my door 3 days later!

Here are the shafts, all loaded up with new texsolv heddles;

Little by little, I crawled under the loom to finish the conversion.  This was done during my "busy" week at work, when I only have a couple of days in which to do chores and "play."  I also wanted to take time to do this right.  When I first got the loom, I was totally overwhelmed by how different the process of tying up was from my jack loom.  I feel like I was adjusting things with little knowledge as to why lamms, shafts and treadles should be a certain way.  Along the way, I've jiggered with the tie ups a bit, but each time felt like I just needed to get it done so I could get to weaving.  Because I was starting from scratch this time, I wanted to ensure that everything was where it…