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Definite Progress

Another quick-ish post to show how I've spent my (rare) spare time lately.  The baby wrap warp is getting most of my attention for now, although I will say I'm starting to get just a wee bit tired of the same treadling pattern.

The wrap portion, woven with the plum 8/2 tencel weft, is finished and languishing on the cloth beam.

I love these shots - they remind me of "hyperspace" in the Star Wars movies!

The ring sling is 2/3 done as of this morning.  I'm using the 12/2 Supima as weft, and WOW, is that stuff soft!  I can't wait to use it in other ways, perhaps for woven clothing???

Hard to believe this is from the same warp!  I'm hoping there is enough warp left for a cowl or two...

During the early evenings, we tend to watch the local and national news, but I like to keep my hands busy, so I'm usually knitting socks.  Lately, I've been learning pick up on my mini inkle loom.  Not one to learn things the easy way, I chose a thirteen pattern thread…

Quick Update

I'm still working on the next baby wrap warp.  So far in two available days for weaving I've finished 80 inches, with a few more to go this afternoon.  It's really too bad that LIFE and WORK get in the way!  Each time I have to take a break of two or more days away from the loom, I find that my rhythm gets disrupted and I have to proceed at a much slower pace until I find that magic rhythm again.  And to make matters a bit more complicated, I'm trying to weave this warp with a slightly lighter beat, and trying to keep that consistent takes a bit more attention than just wumping the beater into the fell with every pick.

After lashing the warp on, I tried a couple of wefts to check for threading errors and to audition wefts. I had some 8/2 tencel in plum and I really wanted to try the 12/2 natural Supima cotton that I had purchased from Georgia Yarn co.

I fell in love with the natural, mostly because this is my first crackle, and I LOVE how the pattern shows up!  But I p…

In Progress

I've finished winding the warp for the next baby wrap, Western Skies.  There were lots and lots of color changes, so to keep the process moving along, I count the number of each color in each 2 inch section, then measure them in groups.  Yes, this means crossing the threads within each section, but so far I have found that it works for me without any issues.  I just have a system when I thread so that the threads all cross in the same direction.

This will be a very vibrant wrap, to be sure!

I'm hoping that this project doesn't take too long, as we are having some construction work done in this living room (read "weaving studio") in July.  I still have the Portland Fine Arts Craft show to weave for, so I can pop onto the smaller loom upstairs while the work is being done.  We are replacing a very old, leaking picture window with some double hungs so that I can open the windows and let some fresh air in!  We are also having all of the old aluminum siding taken off …