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The Highs and Lows

I've been MIA for a bit because of several factors.  First and foremost, I wanted to complete the weaving portion of the Paradise Cove warp.  At last post, I was ready to start the Zephyr wool/silk weft, and I found that to be a wonderful yarn to work with.  The patterning became apparent again, but in a much subtler way than with the black tencel.  I had almost memorized the 146 pick pattern, so was happily weaving along, and then...

It became apparent that there would not be enough warp left to weave the size baby wrap that the customer wanted.  I felt horrible, having let her down.  I wove until the bitter end, but only ended up with 118.5 inches STIH off the loom, pre-wash.

I set that aside, because I had planned on finishing the wraps in the order in which they were woven, so I took the first piece, woven with tencel, and found 25 inches of multiple long floats that covered the entire width of the cloth at the end of her piece.  These floats were underneath and so, impossibl…

Peppermint Done, Now on to Zephyr!!

Just a quick note to say that I finished baby wrap #2, 4.5m using hand dyed peppermint weft!  It's been fun, and once I had some time to spend at the loom, it worked up fairly quickly.  Yesterday I ended up weaving ~80-ish inches, including a very long bout of unweaving twice in the afternoon.

It's amazing how the actual pattern is so hard to see at times with this weft, but up close, like in the above photo on the cloth beam, the pattern becomes more apparent.

And my usual "hyperspace" shot:

The Zephyr (wool/silk) weft coming up is in the indigo colorway, so the pattern should be apparent, and I can't wait to weave with that soft silky stuff!!

Weft Dyeing

The weaving on the Paradise Cove warp came to a screeching halt last Monday when I finished weaving the first wrap with the black tencel weft.

The next semi-custom slot holder wants hand dyed peppermint yarn for her weft, which arrived in the mail last week.  The decision was made to have the yarn speckle dyed, so I planned to do as much as I could on Wednesday, knowing  would be away the next day for a nursing conference, and then have to work today and tomorrow.

Being the way I am, I ended up completing the process all in one day, which is a lot.  I set up the table in my garage, adding plastic and bringing out the dye powders that I would use.  Mind you, the night before the temps had dropped into the 30's, and the garage is unheated, so it was very chilly out there.

The skeins had been already wound, so I put them in hot soapy water (I used Synthrapol) for about 30 minutes, then rinsed and soaked them in a soda ash solution for another 30 or so.  Then one by one I set them o…