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Choices, Choices

This will be a photo-heavy post, as I have just spent half of a day trying to finalize some color options for a broken twill baby blanket warp.  Thanks to Peg, a faithful reader, I perused a site which has all kinds of inspirations.  Thanks, Peg!!

Here are my two color family choices.  I would hope to weave at least 2 blankets on this warp, so I have a couple of weft choices as well.

Option 1:  first, the inspiration pic (yep, it's Nemo!);

and the draw downs;

Option 2 inspiration pic:

and the draw downs;

Please note that I tried as best as I could to match the colors represented in the palettes with the available colors of yarn by taking screen shots of the yarn to obtain the hex and RGB codes, then inputting those into my weaving software.

So, whatcha think???

What I Did on my "Summer" Vacation

As I sit here, the rain is falling and the temps are, well, nothing to speak of.  We here in Maine pride ourselves on turning the heat off fairly early in the spring, more as a matter of pride (and oil savings) than in response to the warming of the earth.  This year, I have to admit, I waiting longer than usual, as the temps were just too cold and the atmosphere too wet.

Well, today is one of those days when I really, REALLY want to turn it back on.  The outside temperature is around 50 degrees, and it has been raining on and off since last night.  I felt comfortable weaving, but as soon as I stopped, my fingers and feet became instantly cold.  It doesn't help that I eat a delicious but quite cold lunch every day as well. So, I've been bundled up, my finger itching to flip the switch, just this once...until hubby kindly started a fire in the woodstove.  It hasn't heated anything up as yet, but soon I'm sure I'll be peeling off layers and wondering why it's so…

I've Been Busy. Really.

I know that my last post showed me warping my long towel project, with promises of weaving and photos ahead.  Well....  I have managed to weave one towel, which is pretty pathetic.  But, really, I have a valid excuse.  I do!

First, the on-the-loom towel shot;

Just a simple 4 shaft crepe weave.  The warp is 8/2 Georgia unmercerized cotton, and this weft is Brassard's 8/2 in navy.  I love the simplicity of the design, especially since I used to use this structure quite a bit but haven't for a long time.  You can also see that I used reinforced selvedges (and a temple).

The weather here has been just horrid most of the time, gray, cool, and rainy/showery.  Our normal high is 66, yet for the last few days we have hovered in the mid-40's.  Every now and then the sun will pop out, but most of the time, I'm at work when that happens, and I can't even find the time to pop outside for a quick break.  That is very disheartening to me, that in a 12.5 hour shift, I cannot take…