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Next Up

I just finished measuring the warp for the next two baby blankets and getting it on the warp beam.

This draft is also from Tom Knisely's book, and it's called "Springtime."  It will be plain weave, 12 EPI, also using 8/4 carpet warp.  Because of all the color changes, this one was a royal pain to warp, but the threading and weaving should be easy.

I also finally found a use for my first inkle band - bracelets!

I have enough left for a couple more before I would have to weave another band.  I'm not sure whether I'll have enough time before the show, but I also need to come up with a reasonable price point for these.  Any suggestions??

I just had a bunch of lab work done, and all came back normal, so that news is good!  My cholesterol picture has improved a bit, which is very good news for me.  I'm not on any meds, but my total has always been high.  My HDL, or good cholesterol, has also been high, so the doc has said that the ratio between good and bad wa…

Baby Blankets!

They are off the loom, sewn and washed/dried twice, and I have to say, I LOVE how they feel!  It's so surprising, but these blankets woven with carpet warp are so very soft, and substantial, without being too heavy.

I used 8/2 unmercerized cotton for the green hem, and, while I couldn't quite match the color to the warp, the hems are nicely thin.  Because of that, they were a bit harder to deal with once off the loom.

My photography mojo is off today, so the next shots aren't so great.  I was shooting using my ironing board, which was most likely a mistake.

The green blanket ended up being 36.75 inches by 32.25 inches.  Quite a bit of shrinkage..

The purple hems were woven using carpet warp, and yes, they are thicker, but appropriately so, in my opinion.  I had a small area where I changed my beat and so the cloth is a bit darker there - I have to work on that!

Again, some not-great photos;

The purple blanket measures 38 inches by 32.25.  The selvedges on both are actual…

Weaving Again!

I finally got the baby blanket warp ready to weave, and after a bit of a slow start, the cloth is growing at a fairly rapid pace.  The first blanket is done, and the second started after only 3 short-ish weaving sessions.  As someone who was used to weaving meters per project, I have to say that I'm really enjoying how quickly the carpet warp weaves up.

Here are some shots of the first blanket, which used the colorway "duck" as weft;

The colors are truest in the above photo.

I just completed the first blanket this morning, and started the second, using "eggplant" as weft.  The effect is quite different, more dramatic;

Hard to see, but the colors are more true in the above photo as well.

I've just managed 17 inches so far.  It would have been much more, but I actually had to unweave twice!  Treadling is simply 1-2-3-4, but I left "4" off two separate times - unbelievable.  Can you say "daydreaming???"

Well, Looky Here!

Notice anything different?!?

I woke up a couple of days ago and found a notification in my inbox stating that my blog was chosen as one of the top 100 weaving blogs!

At first, I was quite wary, and even asked my programmer son if this could be a scam of some sort.  I had had to go to work, and so didn't have any time to look into it.  After getting the OK from him, I followed the link once I returned home.  I have no idea how my little ol' blog could have made this list, other than to say that there are probably only 101 other weaving blogs, so the odds were in my favor... :->)  What a hoot!

Even so, it is an honor to be recognized, and I even managed to locate the little badge onto my blog.  Now I just need to spend more quality time at the loom!

Here's wishing everyone a healthy and happy 4th of July!  We are going to have really great weather here, and I will be playing with the Midcoast Community Band in the big parade in Thoma…