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Thanks to all who let me know their opinions about weft choices from my last post. Interestingly, there was an even split between black and eggplant votes, so I decided to weave the second blanket with eggplant, then the remaining warp with black.  The third piece ended up being 30.75 inches long hemmed, so for now, it will be a stroller/carseat blanket.  I can always cut it up later to sew something else if it languishes too long.  All will be discounted.

The green weft:


Black (hemmed since):

Opinions, Please

I've started to weave the next set of baby blankets, and I need some advice.  The first blanket is being woven with green, which, to be honest, would not have been my first choice if I had thought it through, but the draft is called "Springtime" after all.  When the green bisects with the purple, you get brown.

To spread the warp, I used some black carpet warp that I have, and, as expected, the colors are much clearer.  I kind of want to use black for the second blanket, but somehow using black in creating anything "baby" just seems wrong somehow.

So, do I go ahead and use the black anyway, knowing it will show the warp colors off well, or go with a deep purple, which will have a similar effect, but may also intersect badly with the green in the warp?  The original draft calls for weaving with the various weft colors used in the same ratio as the warp, but with the craft show coming up and my work schedule, I don't feel like I have time to devote to multipl…