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Slowly Moving Forward

Since my last post I been making an effort to get to the loom, at least a little bit, every day I'm available here at home.  I'm also really trying to not feel pressured to reach a certain goal, or spend a certain amount of time weaving, but to weave until I just don't want to anymore.  I'm easily driven and competitive with myself, but that never leaves me feeling good about myself, so at least for now, I am trying to take my foot off the gas, just a bit.

Here is a photo of the finished tablet-woven band that was in progress last time:

I really enjoyed weaving this, and plan to keep exploring this craft.

The double-faced band project that I cut off the loom last time is still languishing but in the queue.  If you remember, there were terrible tension problems, some of my own making, and some because of the tension peg's ability to be pulled off parallel with the other pegs.  My hubby, ever the tinkerer, listened to my frustrations and saw the problem, thought a bi…

Tablet Woven Band

After my last attempt at tablet weaving, following the samples in John Mullarkey's workshop DVD, I decided to try to weave a threaded-in design from his blog.  True to his information, the set-up took awhile, as each card has to be threaded individually, both in color and direction of the threading.  After tying on, the warp looked like a tangled mess.

Hard to believe that anything orderly could come from that!

I very carefully followed his draft, started weaving, and....failed miserably.  Instead of getting the white, snow-covered trees against a dark blue sky with yellow stars, I got misshapen dark blue trees with spots of yellow, against a white sky.  And because this is a threaded-in design, the opposite side of the band is not the exact opposite of the front.

So, I went through and changed the cards, one at a time.  Tried to weave again, and failed.  Now, I'm pretty hard on myself, and my gut said to walk away, cut if off, put tablet weaving in the "I can't do th…

This and That

I've been moderately busy since the last post, weaving off the planned-for rug, and playing a bit with tablet weaving.

The rug was certainly a quick project, but it was fraught with indecision and uncertainty.  I had based my calculations on a similar project on Ravelry, which had 30% shrinkage.  I also messaged the weaver, who assured me that she did indeed have 30% in both length and width once the rug was completed.  I hemmed and hawed over the angle, wondering if it really would fit the space once the rug was off the loom.  I took a large piece of cardboard and cut it to fit the space, only to discover (er, remember) that not only would that not account for shrinkage, but that my big loom doesn't have a space over or under which I could hold the cardboard as a template - too many strings.  So I thought some more, did a bit more math, and came up with the brilliant deduction that a 45 degree angle should just entail decreasing in length at the same rate as in width - duh!  …