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Spring's Promise

I'm baaack!  Tentative steps to be sure, but after almost 5 months (!), I felt I needed to start getting back into the swing of things, despite the incredible changes that have happened since December.

Personally, it took me a good 12 weeks to recover from the multiple pelvic fractures from my icy fall in mid-December.  I attended quite a few PT treatments, which helped tremendously.  Somehow, after the last visit, I developed swelling and pain in my left foot, which persists to this day.  I had some physical therapy for that as well, which helped some, but the swelling persists. 

A few days after the fall, I began experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of my now-diagnosed auto-immune disease, microscopic colitis.  It caused months of digestion and elimination issues, which led to unwanted weight loss.  Once diagnosed, a 2 month treatment plan was undertaken, which was successful.  I am thrilled to be asymptomatic at this time, but as with my celiac diagnosis, this disease will be w…

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