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Everybody LOVES Waffles!

I always chuckle at that phrase, from the time we heard Eddie Murphy say it as Donkey in Shrek.  I don't think that it is entirely true, at least as far as the food goes, but it just may be true regarding waffle weave!

When I first learned to weave, waffle weave towels were high on my list of things to try.  I just loved the texture, that 3-dimensional aspect of the little cells that are produced; it was like magic.  I tried to weave a towel, and mostly it worked, though there were quite a few errors.  A few years later, I tried a different version, which also mostly worked, but this one seemed to have floats that were a bit more worrisome, though I can't tell you why now.

I then found an eight shaft pattern that had a more subtle texture, but no long floats.  I loved this one and made several.  The last towel on that warp was a shortie, so I kept it and keep it at work to dry my lunch dishes.

Recently, I've tried to come up with something a bit different to weave.  After …

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