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I Have Woven Before, Right?!?

You wouldn't think so, if you saw what I had to go through this morning to get one section on my loom.  First,  I had to unwind and throw away 6 yards because I didn't follow the correct path on my warping square, meaning that the warp ends were WAY too short.  OK, start again.

Then I got 1/3 of the way through that first section, went to cut and tie on the new color, and saw that several rounds back, I did it again!  Not once, but several times in the middle of the section.  I had to stand there and manually unwind the yarn, winding back on the cone as I went.  Finally got through the unwinding, and started winding.  Again.

The rest of the section wound on fine, following the prescribed path - until the last end.  Again?!?  So, yup, fixed that one too.

Phew!  Finally made it through the winding phase.  I positioned the Square to wind onto the first section, got the yarn all the way on, then realized too late that I hadn't secured the cross.  Oh, I remembered to MAKE one, …

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