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Geometry, a Hack, and a Different Sort of Warp Chicken

I've just finished measuring warp for my next round of towels.  I just love the clean, geometric lines created when using the Warping Square;

When I warp using my sectional beam, I've always used painter's tape to hold each section in place while I wind the others, but I've often been disappointed in how easily and quickly it rolls up and "un-sticks" itself.  After every section, I push the tape back into place, but by the time the next section is wound, there are tape curls everywhere. 

This time I decided to try something different after dealing with this issue for several sections of this towel warp.  You know those hook-and-loop straps that can be purchased almost anywhere, the ones that are meant to be used to wrangle loose wires?  Well, the ones that I have are just the right size to close around each 2-inch section after it's wound.  You do have to keep each one open with your fingers as you wind, or they stick like crazy to the yarn, but the soft,…

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