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The next towel warp was measured onto the loom this week, and today I finished threading.  I always feel a little nervous, but also excited about the beginning of the next project.  Will it progress without any problems?  Is the vision in my head going to match the end product?  It's always nice to wipe the slate clean and start fresh!

Here is a couple of photos of the warp as it sits now, threaded through the hundreds of heddles, awaiting the next step.

For this project, I had to re-upgrade my loom to 8 shafts.  That meant rehanging the four shafts that had been removed months ago, adding in the additional upper and lower lamms, as well as the treadles.

In this photo below you can see I've hung the reed in front of the heddles using some strong nylon string.  I will sit in front of all of this, and, one by one, take each piece of warp and thread it through the slots on the reed.

I hang the reed this way, because it makes it easier to sley, or thread, the warp ends by holding …

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