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Our family has had a tradition, thanks to our younger son, to gather for an outdoor "adventure" at the end of every summer or early in the fall.  Our usual is to hike up Bradbury mountain.  It is always a wonderful afternoon, as the mountain has many trails of varying difficulty, as well as a nice picnic area at which we enjoy our lunch before our hike.  The views from the top are lovely, and after we descend, we often gather at Son #2's house for refreshments and conversation.

This year we came up with a different plan, due to the baby and all his parents would need to carry to bring him along.  We decided to visit Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park.  It was one of those days when the clouds and sun competed, there was a cool wind, and not too many other folks around - in other words, pretty perfect!

The park is owned and run by the town of Bristol, and consists of the lighthouse, a smaller tower, and the keeper's house, the downstairs of which is a small museum.  The u…

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