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Major Hiccup

I sat down the other day to write a post about my "grand adventure" and where I am in my weaving.  Many paragraphs in, I went to add photos, and Blogger wouldn't let me.  I tried everything, but no dice, so I gave up and walked away from the computer.  The draft is still sitting there, waiting patiently, for me to edit or post it.  But that is not the hiccup of which I speak.

I developed sudden onset swelling and pain this week, first behind my right knee, then during the night, in my hands, so much so that I couldn't sleep.  The swelling has now spread to elbows and wrists, knees, ankles and feet.  Pain and tingling are worst at night, along with the swelling, which is quite significant. 

I went to my doctor's yesterday and am being treated for presumed a tickborne disease, pending lab results.  He's pretty sure I have either Lyme disease or anaplasmosis, or the third possibility, babesiosis, which is not treatable with the antibiotic I'm on.  The fact t…

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