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Things Are Happenin'

On the weaving front, which I have mostly ignored as the garden has beckoned, I have managed to dress the Baby Wolf loom with some black 20/2 silk.  The warp is now threaded and mostly sleyed, and will eventually be woven with some red silk into a couple of infinity scarves.  I've had this yarn in my stash for some time, so I'm excited to finally start using it!

There are a few things of note happening in our family, the most pressing being that my DIL is having her labor induced at just under 38 weeks for medical reasons.  This will be our first grandchild, and we are all very excited but now a bit worried.  I know the risks and possible outcomes, obviously, but am firmly in the everything-will-work-out well camp.  So we are hoping to be welcoming a new family member within the next few days and couldn't be happier!

Son #2 came home this weekend for Father's Day and told us that his company is being sold and he may be transferred to Salt Lake City.  Currently he lives…

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