A Bit of Progress

I finally got around to listing some of my post-show projects in my Etsy shop.  No bites yet, but hopefully as the shopping season gears up more traffic will come my way.

I've also started the long, green pebble/crepe weave towel warp.  This has been a very easy warp to get on the loom and set up, which is a lovely change.  Eleven yards of ringspun Georgia cotton, 4 shaft draft on my Standard.  I only had one threading error, which I caught right away - I had missed the heddle eye, so easily fixed.  So far I've wound 13 pirns of dark green, and I seem to use about 2.5 pirns per towels.  Five of the dark green have already been spoken for, and I'm hoping for 10-11 towels on this warp, so there will be a bit of variety towards the end.

Other than that, work has been busy, and some free time has been spent starting to put the garden away for the winter.  I've left the kale out, and some beets in the ground.  I finally cut off the squash, and today I picked the last of the…

A Month's Worth of Work

The summer craft show was just about a month ago, so I thought I'd look back and see what I've been able to accomplish in that time. 

I had a custom request from a coworker who was looking for a woven scarf for his wife for Christmas, all the while saying what a horrible husband he was.  I disagreed, as he was certainly thinking ahead!  We looked at some photos of previously woven scarves, and he chose a variegated tencel scarf using a black weft and having hand twisted fringes. 

Not sure why this second photo is so blurry - sorry!

Since I had such luck with my infinity scarves at the show, I warped enough to weave one of those as well.  I literally had a couple of feet of warp yarn left when I was finished measuring the yarn - phew!  I also almost finished the Royal blue weft - I love stash busting, don't you?

Secondly, I had received a request for a custom key fob (two actually) from someone I had spoken to at the show.  She loved the "nasty woman" fobs, but wa…

Weaving again

As promised, here is a shot of the first of six towels on this warp.  The draft is from Webs, called Modified Star Towels, and I hope to get them done in time for holiday shopping!

Pretty, aren't they?

And thanks to all that wished me well for my procedure yesterday.  I got the all clear when I came to, so that's a relief!

We Have Garage!

The work is done on the garage, although there is still much to do on our end - painting, yard work, hiring a paving company...  BUT - my car now has a home again!

Inside, including the glorious built-in stairs to the upstairs storage area.  No more step ladders!!

Said upstairs storage area;

In fibery news, I've had three contacts from customers at the craft fair last month, and all want to purchase more stuff, so yay!  One wants 2 tablet woven key fobs, done in different colors, so needing two separate warps.  Two others want more towels, each in different design patterns, which will require some yarn purchases once colors are chosen.

I've started a six-towel warp in red and white for some snowflake towels like these that I wove several years ago;

I've been meaning to weave these in red and white for ages, but time somehow slips away. I am hoping to get these done in time for holiday shopping.

I'm back at work, and it has been quite busy, but so far, I seem to have r…

Post-Craft Show

I'm back from the one-day craft show in Portland, and boy, am I glad it was only one day! So many potential customers on the street, all very engaged and curious.  There were very few who ducked eye contact and scurried off as soon as I tried to talk to them, unlike other years.  The weather was picture perfect, a bit cool in the morning, never too hot, and our display was on the shady side of the street!  We even had a young violinist nearby serenading us for the entire day.

So why am I glad it only lasted one day?  Inventory!  Oh, and no opportunity to eat.  By the end of the day, I had one towel, 2 scarves, and a most smaller pieces left.  It was odd, that very few people bought the smaller, more affordable items.  One takeaway is that I think I need to raise my prices a bit.  They have remained unchanged for years, despite increasing costs of materials.

Here are a few cell phone shots of the booth.  Somehow we "lost" the back of the canopy over the last few years, so…

Garage Progress

Here we are, one and a half days after they started, and already the workers have gotten this far:

You can just make out the roof trusses that were delivered 30 minutes ago in the background of the second photo.

As much as I'm sure I will love this garage come winter, right now it seems intrusive, cleaving our property in half.  It's exactly where the other one was, though larger in size.  I can no longer see past it towards my husband's shop or the main road.  Sigh.  I'll get used to it, I'm sure of it.  Besides, there was no other logical place for it, and now I'll have garage doors that actually move.

As for my day, I vacuumed.  And vacuumed.  And vacuumed some more.  Then I dusted. I'm afraid that after all that activity, my back is telling me that cleaning the bathrooms will have to wait until tomorrow.  And I did a grand job of terrifying the cats, particularly Dinger.  He hid under the kitchen sink, and would. not. come. out, even well after I put th…


I just love that term, don't you?  I've borrowed it from another weaver, and it is very fitting for these last two weeks or so. There has been no weaving happening here since the baby blankets came off the loom.  Instead, I've been organizing myself for the upcoming Portland Fine Craft Show, labeling and inventorying (is that a word?!?), packing and generally making a mess of my crafting space.

I'm currently a few days into my summer vacation, and it feels really good not to have to haul myself to the hospital.  I've been able to go for walks almost every day, wake up when my body says so, (and yes, that includes at 2 AM and at midnight and at 3:30 AM...).  The hubster and I went out to eat to celebrate, just locally, followed by a lovely, leisurely walk along Rockland harbor.  Our 33rd (!) anniversary is coming up, and although we don't usually do anything special, we may try a new local restaurant that has some gluten free options.

In the meantime,

our gara…