About Me

About Me

Midcoast, Maine

I'm a lifelong knitter who came to weaving later in life, thanks to my kind husband who gifted me with a rigid heddle loom one Christmas. I looked at him like he had two heads. What was this thing? It does what??? After helpful phone calls to a weaving store and some books, I made a tentative start, weaving cotton towels, and the addiction began. I upgraded to a used 4 shaft floor loom for a few years, but the call of complicated patterns grew louder and louder, so I found a used Baby Wolf 8 shaft loom, which fulfilled the design lust. I just love the way the cloth grows, and the way the colors combine in ways not imagined. It is quite a journey, one that I find more compelling each day.  I have since also added a 45" Glimakra Standard CM loom, which I am using to create wider items, such as blankets and baby wraps! It's nice to have the flexibility of two very different looms.


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