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With Time to Spare!

To all my far flung fiber friends, I hope that you are safe and don't have to endure the ravages of Sandy for too long.  Thank goodness knitting, weaving, and spinning can be done without electricity!!

Thanks in part to dodging the Hurricane Sandy "bullet," I've managed to finish up my to do list in time for the craft show starting this Friday.  I even did it with a whole day to spare!!  Mind you, it has been spectacularly less than fun frantically weaving and knitting every spare moment for the last few weeks, and then having to quickly complete the finishing work -  sewing/cutting/pinning/sewing/washing/ drying/ ironing/labeling prior to a possible loss of power last night, all done on 2 hrs of sleep.  Having said that, I am grateful that I was invited to join this group of women in presenting our crafts.  I've heard wonderful things about this show, and hope there is a good turnout.

So, what am I taking?  Well, my handwoven scarves, of course, a few of which w…

Hamster Wheel

So, the deadline for this Christmas craft fair that I originally didn't plan for is coming right up - only 15 days to go!!  Needless to say, I am busy busy busy trying to increase my stock, but I'm not having much luck.  Every day, I'm grabbing whatever "free" time I can find to weave, but I'm not making much progress.

So far, I've woven a few scarves (remember the Drall ones?), a table square (plus placemats and a tablerunner off the same warp, destined for two shops), one set of placemats in a nice holiday green, (which have yet to be wet finished), and 4 towels that just came off the loom this morning.  They are stuffed into a bag, awaiting sewing, cutting, measuring, pinning, and sewing again, before they are to be washed.  In the meantime, in my head, I'm trying to see if I can fit in another set of towels before craft day, or whether I should just go with another set of placemats in a nice deep red, which will be a faster project.  I'm pret…