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I Really Can't Say...

No "crafty"photos to share this time around, as I've been busy busy busy creating some Christmas gifts for family and friends.  The Christmas tree towels I shared last time got snapped up by coworkers, so they never made it to my shop, but I am grateful for the support.  They were a bit of a challenge to weave in the decorative area, but otherwise were a quick project, so I think I'll revisit them again.  I also have many other options for the borders (snowflakes, Santas, other designs), so maybe I won't have to wait until the next holiday season to fire up the loom for rosepath towels!

Speaking of looms, I almost can't find mine right now.  I've been trying to spend at least a little time most days tackling the painting job in my craft room.  I painted the last of the bead board knee wall the other day, so now the "fun" begins.  I have to paint the slanted part of the ceiling, which is also bead board.  I had to unbolt one of the book cases (wh…

A Sigh of Relief

I've finally finished the Christmas tea towels, which was the last holiday project on my "to do list."  I know, I know, there's plenty of time between now and the holidays to weave more, and I'm not saying I won't.  I've been pushing myself pretty hard to get some things done, and this was the last project that I really REALLY wanted to complete in time for Christmas sales.  Nothing takes the fun out of the holidays like working frantically in the weeks prior.

This weave structure is known as rosepath, and it consists of a background "tabby" or plain weave cloth made with a fine yarn, with the pattern "floating" on top of it, woven with a thicker yarn.  The background yarn helps hold the pattern yarn in place.  There are all kinds of possibilities with this structure, and I'm sure I will attempt some of them in the future.  It was slow weaving in the pattern areas for me, but the rest of the towels went so quickly that it made for …