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Six Down, Two to Go!

Just a quick post to show how I've been spending my free time this week.  My multicolored, random tabby towels are well on the way to be completed!!

With magenta weft:

Sapphire blue weft:

Red weft:


Where are the other two, you might ask?  Why, unphotographed, of course!  Black and dark purple were my first two finished, and I think they are the best, but somehow I neglected to capture them photographically.  No worries, though - I'm going to weave the last two towels using black and purple as  weft, so pictures soon. I just love the colors in these, and a little simple, mindless weaving was just what I needed.

One of the most common comments and concerns I hear when I show my towels to folks, is that they are afraid to use them.  The most frequently voiced issues are that people are afraid to get them dirty and that they are afraid they will catch them on something and have a snagged thread.  These towels are the answers to those concerns.  All of my towels are already …

Signs of the Times

The events of this week has left me, like many many others, drained, worried, heart-broken and elated.  I was born and grew up just outside of Boston, and attended college there, so my formative years were spent in those environs.  Even though I've spent almost all my of my free time in Maine starting at age 9, and I now call it home, the place where my heart and hearth are, it doesn't take much to bring me back to my oft-downplayed roots.  I've known and walked many times on those streets.  To see such carnage, then the fear, the hunt, and finally the elation does a number on my emotions.  I choose to focus on the good that came from this, and that always seems to appear in times of tragedy.  Americans, for all of their bluster and polarized views, are a people who want to help others in times of need, who often put their own personal safety aside to rise to the occasion.  So much happened  in our nation this week - the bombings, the poison letters, the massive explosion,…