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The next big step?

After much mulling over a long period of time, I went ahead and registered a domain name!  It is as you would expect,, but don't go there yet, as I haven't had the time to even activate it yet.  Now I'm faced with the daunting task of building my own website.  Really???  Why did I think I would be capable of such a feat?  I fear this endeavor will use up the little time to weave that I now have. Who knows, the site may languish and never appear, given my increased time commitments at work.  Even if I can put a basic link on it for now, pointing to my Etsy shop, I'd be happy.  I think...

I did manage to finish my one-off tencel scarf last week.  I think it came out well, and may collaborate with the dyer to get enough yarn to weave more than one at a time.

The colors are quite a bit more vivid in real life, and, as always, it drapes like silk. I really love the multi-colored fringe. It's available, along with other new stuff, in my Etsy sho…

One and (almost) done

Look what jumped onto my loom today!

I purchased this dyed tencel from a vendor on Etsy, and I finally have a moment to get it on my big loom.  I'm still trying to find the best and fastest way to load yarn on that loom.  For now I've stuck with using one of the sectional pieces as a raddle, and trying to wind on keeping all of the sections in their correct places.  Doing it by myself was a miserable failure, and I had to pull all of the yarn back off of the warp beam to try a second time.  Needless to say, there were many tangles to deal with.  I managed to get the yarn back on the loom with hubby's help, keeping a constant tension, but I want to be able to do this myself! (She says, stomping her foot like a two year old).

Once on the loom, it was only a matter of an hour or two to thread and sley the reed.

These colors look like Easter to me.  If only the weather looked that way too...

This morning I managed to tie on and spread it on the loom.

  I wove to 56" befo…


All the towels are woven, sewn, trimmed, washed, dried and photographed.  Phew!

Set of 4 in cotton and linen:

Set of 4 in cotton;

And one each of;

purple cottolin,
medium blue cotton with hints of teal,

rose cotton,

and red cotton with a special "design feature,"

All can be seen (and more information can be found) in my Etsy shop!


No, not financial ones.  I've decided that my time is worth something to me, so this year I've purchased a few small pieces of equipment to make my weaving journey easier.  Nothing big or fancy - just helpful tools.

First, I purchased an eight cone holder, to be used when winding my warps and my bobbins and pirns.  I've seen them in all the catalogs, and was sort of holding out hope that my wonderfully talented hubby would build me one, but when I looked at the fact that a crude "prototype" that he slammed together ages ago has not been updated, I decided to get one for myself from other sources.  The prices of these are pretty steep, until I thought to look on Etsy.  There I found one for a reasonable price, but the thing that made me jump at the chance to get it was that it would hold cones AND spools!  Usually I have to put spools on a knitting needle in a box, and battle with tension the whole way.

Here it is:

and here is a link if you want to look into this …