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Baby Wraps on the Online Shop Page

I just listed my Rainbow's End baby wraps on the online shop page!  Have a gander and let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear your ideas for how I can make the page better!

Rainbow's End!

They're done!! And I'm SO happy about how they turned out!  They have a bit of drape due to the hand of the fabric, the selvedges are woven at a more dense sett for better support, and they weigh under 2 lbs each, so they are light enough to use even in this heat we've been having!

The black weft really makes the colors POP!

 The charcoal weft made the wrap more subtle but still very colorful.

I even managed to list them for sale on my website, complete with weft options and paypal button.  Not bad for an old(er) broad!

I've been working on these for what seems like a long time, so now I get to shift gears and weave up some other goodies that have been marinating in the back of my mind.  Hmmmm...

Charcoal It Is!

As I came to the end of the first of two wraps on the present warp, I put out a quick poll on both my personal and business FB pages asking whether I should use the same black weft for the second wrap or go with charcoal.  Personally, I feel like the charcoal washes out the colors, and I'm a big fan of vivid colors, so I would have gone with black, but the majority chose charcoal, so here it is.

The lighter line you can see just above the bottom of the photo is the breast beam, not an anomaly in the weft.  These wraps will be nice and light, great for summer wearing!

I'm still struggling with whether to keep my website or just the blog.  I SO want the website to work, but from everything I've seen, I can only post new information at the bottom of the page, not at the top. This would mean that every time someone went there, they would see old news before the new.  My younger son, who is a programmer, said that I would have to change code to make it work.  Of course, HE coul…

Fixed it!!

Remember that little problem I had, with links taking folks away from the blog?  After sleeping on it, I suddenly remembered that when I opened the little window into which I pasted the link, there was an option to "open in another window".  Simple as pie to fix! Why is it that often answers come to you when you AREN'T searching for them??

I spent most of the weekend online, trying to update this blog and move some things around on my website. I'm still trying to decide if the site is worth keeping.  I have precious little time these days, and maintaining both a blog, a website, and my Etsy shop is stretching me too thin, so I think they all suffer.  I'm still toying with the idea of selling either directly from this blog, or from my website, probably using Paypal, but for now it's just an idea floating around in my head, awaiting further thought.  I would love some feedback on all of this, so please leave some comments about this site, what I could do to ma…