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Safe to Say???

Winter is over.  I'm almost afraid to say it out loud, lest Mother Nature hears me and decides that one last storm is due.

Do you remember this photo?

And this one, showing the actual pile from the outside...

and the inside?

I can happily say that after a week and a half of temps above normal, meaning the 50's and 60's, plus several more in the 40's, this is what is left of the pile;

It is a testament to the winter that there is this much left this late in April, but it's nice to have a full view out the kitchen window again!  Soon the grass will be green, and there will be color in our lives again!!

The baby wrap is safely in the hands of its owner, who let me know that it suited her very well indeed! She quickly sent a couple of photos at my request, and agreed to let me share them here. Yes, they are a bit blurry, but it warms my heart to see a mama and her baby snuggled up in a wrap that I created just for them!

It is not everyone that can say that they love t…

Ready for a Squish!

The baby wrap is washed, dried, ironed and ready for shipping!  It's a pretty exciting part of the process for me, to envision it surrounding a little one.  I can't wait for my customer to open up the box and see it in person for the first time!!

Using a sett of 28 EPI did result in a very nice cloth, with a bit more substance to it.  I'll be interested to hear how she likes wrapping with it, and if it is comfortable for her to use this summer.  Because of the denser sett, the cloth didn't shrink any from its off-the-loom width, so the final size is 30.5 inches by 177 inches.

I'd write more, but I have to go into work for an extra shift.  Hoping this can go out on Monday!

Off the Loom!!

The latest baby wrap came off the loom yesterday afternoon after a whirlwind of weaving.  I wove 5 feet of cloth in one sitting, which is a record for me, I believe.  And by one sitting, I really mean one session.  Every time I need to advance the cloth I have to get off the bench, which is a good thing.  I can't imagine how stiff I would be if I sat still for that long!

Surprisingly, I had quite a bit of warp left when I was done with this wrap, so I thought I might continue weaving so I can have some handwoven yardage on hand.  After about an inch, my brain clearly said "Stop! Enough already," so I used the warp-sparing trick that I've seen several places online.

Simply weave a short header after a couple of waste picks for a cutting line, then place two sticks in the two tabby sheds, and weave a bit more.  You can then go ahead and cut on your line, which is what I've done in the above photo.  Once cut, "fold" the sticks on top of each other and lash…