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Lots Done!

Sorry about the long absence!  Life, as always, gets in the way of blogging, but also I sometimes have a hard time formulating "interesting" and coherent prose.  I suppose I could just bombard everyone with photos..

The never ending warp did, in fact, end, and I came away with 12 twill towels, plus one with a treadling error.  For weft I used a dark green, light blue, a medium ocean blue, jade green, aqua, two slightly differing reds, 2 slightly differing purples, and a silver with red accents, as well as magenta (the one with the error).

I really like having the narrow white borders - they seem to highlight the contrasting colors well.

Here's another view of them;

It's a really fun pattern to weave!  I have meant to list these in my Etsy shop, but finding time for this always seems to be a problem, plus I still have to come up with decent text.  Grumble grumble..

I also wove up a couple of merino wool/tencel huck scarves.  Hard to work on when it's hot outside, …

The Never Ending Warp

I'm still plugging away at the tea towel warp that I put on the big loom awhile back.  Much has happened with it since I last posted, and not all of it was good.

The first issue was that the warp was NOT 8/2 mercerized cotton, as the label stated.  I had noticed that it seemed finer than that, but I tend to believe what I read, so when I tried to weave using 8/2 weft, the pattern wasn't even visible.  This meant that I had to cut and resley the warp at 27 EPI, so the towels are going to be quite narrow, truly fingertip towels.  I settled on using 10/2 merc cotton (what else??), and being careful to beat semi-gingerly.

After that was settled, the first towel I wove was with a red weft, called Lipstick, and it was a joy to weave;

The second was a different shade of red, a bit brighter, and it also wove easily, until I came to the hem at the end of the towel.  I was using 20/2 bleached cotton for the hems, and I had had no problems with the previous three hems, but then this happ…