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"Good" Times!!

Now that the date for submitting photos to the weavers' competition is here, and mine are all done (!), all that's left is the voting.  And the waiting.  And worrying.  Right now I'm still sketchy on the procedure after being eliminated and placed in the consolation round, but I'll think about that another day.

Since my last post, I have finished winding the warps for my turned twill towels, and boy, was I right when I predicted tangles!  With each successive bout I tried different things to improve my chances of carefree warping. I tightened the tension on the Square as I pulled the yarn off, which seemed to help a bit.  I also warped fewer sections, which helped tremendously - I wish I had thought of that sooner.

As I began warping, which I do back-to-front, I had the yarn tangling at the lease sticks almost right away.  Now, I know that you're only supposed to strum yarn and never comb it, but I had to do something.  Because I had read of many baby wrap weavers …

Winding Some Warp

The weavers' competition piece is done!  Washed a total of three times, photographed to within an inch of its life, it is safely tucked away until the voting is complete.  This finally allows me to start another project, one with a deadline, which I dislike.  I already put a lot of pressure on myself in most aspects of my life, so I don't need additional pressure, but a shop wants 6 towels by the end of April/early May, so I'd best get cracking.

The towels are going to be turned twill towels, similar to these that I wove last year.

I'll be using 10/2 mercerized natural cotton for the warp, and several different colors for the weft.  Six for the shop, and six for my shop.  As I look forward to the Portland craft show in late August, I really need to start stocking up, and towels are always good sellers.

Instead of winding my warp on my warping board, I thought I might try to use my mini Square to wind the chains. The configuration that I've used before, with it moun…


I've just completed knitting my handspun, hand dyed socks this week!  They were worked on mostly after dinner, while sitting and watching the news.  I'm not sure why, but I really love to watch the news, even though the information itself has been quite troubling of late. Anyway, I don't need to watch it as much as listen, so I sit and knit.

After completing them, I soaked them in Euclalan for a bit, spun them in my washer, and now they are hanging on a little mitten stand, drying.  Or "drying," I should say, because we are having a very wet, warm, gray day here in Maine.  Luckily, for my socks, the temps are going to plummet this evening, so we'll start the woodstove, which will dry my socks in no time.  Our winter weather this year has been so wacky - you could get whiplash trying to keep up.  Temps are expected to go sub-zero Friday morning, then 30's over the weekend, working up to 60's by next Wednesday!  Not a typical Maine winter, for which I …