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A Belated Wish

Hello again.  I have been quite remiss in my efforts to keep blogging of late, but I think for good reason.  There were the upcoming holidays, of course, but also a slight shift in my thinking about my weaving future.  I wanted to take some time to really consider where I was and in which direction I was headed.  Though the thought processes are still not totally solidified, I do feel confident that I am getting out of the baby-wearing realm, except for gifting or perhaps a favor here and there.  The new regs are finally being considered, and though there is to be a 12 month grace period. my life and all that is required really doesn't allow me to be as active on social media as I have to be to succeed. I was finding myself pulled in too many directions, and always trying to cram in more weaving to keep the business active and exciting, along with everything else that one has to do with a full time job and a house to run.  This past year was my most successful as a business, mostl…

My First Inkling (Pun Intended)!

As promised, here is the outcome of that new inkle band project I last wrote about.  Aren't they cute???

The idea is from Handwoven Nov/Dec 1993, and they are called Inklings!  Pretty easy to make, and oh so appealing, at least to me!  

The inkle band was cut into 4-10 inch sections.

They are then sewn into a loop and turned inside out.  (I don't have any pictures from here on out of the process, because I was too excited to stop and take any!).  The folded edge is brought to the sewn edge, and then you stitch up the seams, keeping them flat.  Leaving a space open, they can be stuffed and a head can be inserted. Several people have used felted wool heads, or wooden beads with faces already imprinted, but I decided to go with small styrofoam balls inside nylons.

Though the inklings  are a bit fiddly to sew up, I really enjoyed making them, and cannot wait to give one to my Christmas-obsessed DIL!

I've also finished the Baby Surprise Jacket project, another quickie.  You re…

Next project underway!

Just a quick post to show progress on a new (to me) and different sort of project.

I didn't create this draft; it was kindly shared on a Facebook Inkle group.  Isn't it great?  And the bands themselves weave up so quickly!  I started the actual weaving yesterday evening, by mid morning today, I had 4-10 inch bands, separated and sewn.

The elastic you see was necessary, as there were 121 ends in this draft, and that really stretched my mini inkle to its limit.  I'm still waiting for my larger inkle loom to arrive.

Next, finished objects, I hope!

Talk about lag!

I've really let this blog slip more than I intended to.  I could blame the holidays or work, but that would only be partially true.  I've simply lost the urge to weave at present.  A big debate is raging in my mind (again) about the future of my weaving/crafting, and more and more I am leaning towards getting out of the babywearing biz.  As much as I love creating something that brings moms (and dads!) and babies together, there are aspects of that business that are becoming more difficult for me to engage in.  I've always been "behind the curve" as far as generating excitement on social media, and now there seems to be some other conversations, expectations, and "drama" (for lack of a better word) that make future prospects seem unappealing.  I still have that last piece I wove available, but for now I think that I will weave a few non-BW things and see how I feel after that.

First on the list will be a simple kitchen rug that needs to fit into an odd …